Ultimate Christmas Present

Christmas is the most fun time of the year, and yet it is also one of those times of the year, where every year, you running short on ideas to gift your friends. If you’ve run out of steam, making unique gifts, are drained out of your creative juices. Here’s an idea that is yummy, irresistible, and oozes a festive fragrance throughout the entire season.
  • Calabrian food is considered one of the celebrated cuisines in the entire world.  Now for a moment, just a moment, STOP, freeze, and imagine the goodness of Italian Christmas food. You no longer have only to imagine. This time, on Christmas, gift yourself this deliciousness of an Italian food basket.
  • If you look online for inspiration, you’ll find the standard generic box of pasta, a few Italian sauces, some few crackers, and loads of fancy decorative tissues to make it look extravagant.
  • Let’s not get bogged down this old stale food style as gifts. Instead, consider adding fantastic Italian Christmas baskets full of goods, sweet and still healthy. The goodness of real Italian food at affordable prices to please everyone’s taste buds.
For the health-conscious among you, consider creating Christmas gift baskets that include the likes of Raw Orange Blossom Honey that came from orange blossom flowers and has a strong hint of citrus. It can be used in tea and even as a spread on crackers and biscuits. Leaving sweet little side notes on each item in the basket would be an added surprise. For example, leave a sign that says you can squeeze a bit of lemon and add some olive oil to the honey to make it an exceptional dip to eat raw vegetables with. Along with the orange blossom honey, you could also add pistachio and citron cookies to the basket. Soft Macaroons with Almonds are also one of those items that could have a surprising center of the biscotti. Your loved ones will thoroughly enjoy these scrumptious goods.

For the chocolate addicts in your family, here’s an enticing amount of chocolates. Some of which are, Perugini, extra dark Italian chocolate, double chocolate bars, hazelnut and milk double chocolate bars, dark chocolate with almond bars, Dark Chocolate Limoncello Bar, Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bar, Bittersweet Chocolate.

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For the tea lovers among your friends and family, gift a set of the Raw Honey - Chestnut Honey, Wildflower Honey, Orange Blossom Honey with a packet or two of healthy gluten-free crackers.

For Mushroom Enthusiasts among you, gift a basket full of mushroom delights. In the Christmas gift basket, add some dry porcini mushrooms, porcini mushroom flavored salts, a packet of Carnaroli Rice with Porcini Mushrooms, and Risotto Porcini Boletus Mushrooms.

For the luxury food enthusiasts among you, make sure to throw in their gift basket the wondrous luxury food of Italian cuisine, such as; some Sardinian paper bread, some black truffle oil, carnaroli rice, and some porcini mushrooms, garlic and chili pepper spread with extra virgin olive oil, some porcini boletus mushrooms with extra virgin oil. Along with this extravagant spread, you could also add om sundried tomatoes with capers, a jar of rose marina little fish with hot peppers. Top that basket with some country-style olives from Italy and a jar of fillet of anchovies.

Make specialized Italian Christmas gift baskets for everyone you love so dearly and wish to treat without having to ship them off to Italy to enjoy authentic flavors of Italian cuisine. Those receiving these gifts will be sure to treat you like gods and goddesses for thinking so highly of them when choosing them these gifts.