pink orchid plant

The most profoundly pined for of elaborate plants, the sensitive, intriguing and elegant orchid speaks to cherish, extravagance, excellence, and quality. ... The fourteenth wedding commemoration blossom, pink orchid plant pass on unadulterated warmth, and the prevalent cattleya orchid speaks to develop enchant.

Why this plant is special?

Give the most exquisite flower to welcome somebody exceptional to you. This dazzling pink orchid has a fragile structure and its sweet shading will act naturally welcomed with a major grin. This plant is the ideal astonishment for any event.

Can I get this plant at any place?

Yes, you can get this plant at Floraqueen. First you sign up for Floraqueen and then place an order. When you make account on Floraqueen then you get 50% off on this plant. You can also send this plant at any place in the world.

What is the best time to send plants?

Any day of festivity or a day you need to make increasingly uncommon is a perfect time to send plant. Among the greatest days to send a crisp bunch is Valentine's Day on February fourteenth, International Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May or Chinese New Year in late January or early February. For a one of a kind astonishment, take a stab at sending plant to a companion or relative during the yearly Dragon Boat Festival on June eighteenth.

Can I send flowers with FloraQueen?

Truly, we do send flowers at your designation place. You can likewise join a welcome card to the bunch!

Can I send the flowers to the PO box?

You cannot send the flower to the PO box, for this situation, our specialists will request that you give a physical location so as to finish your delivery.

Would I be able to arrange by phone or email?

The most secure and most productive approach to arrange is by means of our site, hence, we don't acknowledge arranges by email or phone.

Do you offer same-day delivery?

Truly, we work straightforwardly with nearby flower specialists, practically around the bend from the delivery address. We can acknowledge same-day delivery all over. The cut off time for same-day delivery varies for every nation and time zone, and you will be prompted during the purchasing procedure on the off chance that it is preposterous. For this situation delivery date won't be accessible in the schedule.

Do the flowers come with the jar?

A jar is excluded from the value except if determined in the item portrayal. On the off chance that you might want your flowers to be delivered in a jar please make a point to include the item in a second step the purchasing procedure.

Why you order from us?

You order from us because we provide you these services:
  • Fresh Flower
  • Anywhere, anytime
  • Punctual Delivery
  • Deliver at door
  • Bouquets you can enjoy for longer
  • Make it personal with a message

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