Mobile App Conversion Rates

Now, gaining access to potential users worldwide becomes easily possible with mobile apps as they allow businesses to stay connected with their customers. In this cutthroat mobile ecosystem, it becomes essential for companies to put more effort into winning their users.

The best way of getting more conversions is a user experience, as it makes it easy for users to achieve the task. Therefore, you must deliver a rich user experience to your customers, as it will convince them to keep using your application and become your potential customers.

If you are also looking forward to having happy users, consider the tips below that will help you boost your app conversion rates. So, let’s go through these tips and increase mobile app conversion rates:


The main aim of your application’s user interface is to make it easy to use. You can simplify your app’s design to make it easier for users to comprehend and use your application.

If your users need help understanding your app, there is no way to have a beautiful and carefully detailed user interface in your app. It will not create a positive user experience, so you should avoid unwanted and unnecessary complexity and choose instead to develop simple and easy-to-understand mobile software. So, always remember that simplicity is good.

Delivering Benefits, Not Features

Do you know that a feature is a factual statement about the product or service? Factual assertions are not why customers should purchase, whereas benefits are as they bring with them more clearly defined value.

According to Chris Guillebeau in “The $100 Startup, " people care about Acceptance, Free Time, Love, and Money. They expect less Conflict, Problems, Hassle, Stress, and Uncertainty. Therefore, you should ensure that you show more benefits than features.

Make Use of the CTA Button as a Reminder of the Advantages

Let’s consider that you have mainly two buttons categorized as “Signup” and the other one as “Increase Your Sales.” The first ordered button has a higher chance of being acted on as this button will remind you of the advantages you can get after the lengthy signup process. So, what do you think? Which switch will get users' attention?

Designing on a Grid

When designing an interface, remember to use a grid. Without it, creating is like traveling to a new city without a map. If your content containers have quite different proportions and do not align with each other, the layout will look uneven and give a poor impression.

But if you opt for using a grid, it can help you design proportionally without different items in alignment with each other. Once you choose to create on a grid, you will experience that it is much easier for app developers to translate your interface design into a clean and fully functional application.

Keep Stirring Your Users’ Curiosity

When you tease your users with samples and hooks, it is one of the best ways for people to make them want to continue the path of action. It can be considered a sample chapter, demo, trial, or free genuine content that increases a call to action that sounds like “to see the rest, do this.”

Utilizing the Urgency Principle to Boost Conversion

The missing out fear is considered a legitimate one. And it is expected to regret not being able to seize an opportunity. A limited-time discount and offers work like that level and make the discount and deal offer appear so attractive that one is easily compelled to use the option. But make sure you use the right way of urgency because it will fail when your visitors and users call on you.

Decrease Blocks to Usage

Make your app as easy as possible for users to use. When it comes to mobile apps, if the task is difficult for users to finish, the chances are high that they will quit using your app.

Therefore, you must reduce the number of barriers to usage and simply make the entire learning process of using your app so that users do not get frustrated while using it.

To increase the app's value, you can also allow your users to instantly access its content, functionality, and features. This will enhance the app's adoption rate and retention rate.

Choose to Offer Your Users a Gift

Gifting your users is considered an effective encouragement tactic. It is mainly based on the rule of mutuality, which states that being nice to someone by giving them a small token of appreciation can work in your favor. You can indeed provide something.

In advance, however, you can offer something along with something.

These are the top 8 UX tips you can consider to increase your mobile application's conversion rate. If you want to customize your application to increase its conversion rate, ensure that you consult a leading mobile app development company with a professional team of developers to comprehend your needs.

Author bio: Petr Kudlacek is a serial tech entrepreneur and is currently the CEO of Apro Software, a custom software development company; Petr loves writing and sharing helpful tips on UX to design better mobile apps; you can follow him on LinkedIn