Moving Long Distance

Deciding to move your life to a new country is one of the most difficult decisions a person could ever take. It’s also one of the best ones. Starting over in a different place might just be the one thing your life needs to get back right on track, and it will be the beginning of a whole new chapter that might prove to be the best. 

That is the good news; the bad is the move can and will be quite hectic. It’s not like you’re moving to a different neighborhood in your town. Long distance moves can be very overwhelming if you’re not careful. These tips will help you make sense of this entire process.


A long distance move is the one thing you can’t be random about. You need to set a clear and detailed plan with each and every step outlined, or else you might find yourself out of time with much still to be done. Start by creating an inventory of all the things in your current house, and declutter before you create that inventory. That way, you’ll be able to separate the things you want with you from the items you’ll be getting rid of, which will make the packing much easier.

Set a budget

It is quite imperative that you set a budget for your long-distance move, because it can get quite pricey. There are a lot of angles to consider, starting from the packing costs to the actual rates of the removal company that will take your belongings and transfer them overseas. When you create a budget, you will have a range to work within, which will help you find the best options that are within your budget range.

Find a good moving company

Now that we’ve mentioned it, this is one step that you need to be extra cautious with. The people you hire to move your things for you need to be extremely qualified and capable because long distance moving is complicated. It might help if you hired a foreign moving company to handle this entire process for you. Always get quotes from different companies and look up reviews on each of your options. You’ll most likely be transferring some valuable items, and you need to be sure that the people handling the move are competent and won’t damage your belongings. And it’s always best if you hire people with years of experience in the field.

Get insurance

You may not know this, but your moving company –– good as they may be –– will offer limited insurance when it comes to moving your things over such long distances. This means that your valuables might get damaged and you might not get properly reimbursed. This is why it is a good idea to get an extra, more comprehensive insurance plan to cover your items in this move. This is especially more important if you have expensive items flying over to the next destination.

Move in the offseason

Yes, there is an off season for moving over long distances. It might not be an available option, but if it is, you should definitely take advantage of it. You’ll find that moving companies charge higher rates when it’s their busy season, which is usually in summers, as compared to fall, winter, and spring. People tend to move a lot more often during summertime, and this is why you’ll find the moving companies charging more then. If you can move during any other time throughout the year, you can save some money –– fees for such a move can go as high up as $10,000! So, it definitely helps to save wherever you can.

Review the paperwork

You need to review any documents pertaining to this move way before you actually do move –– starting from your visa requirements all the way to checking to see if there are any permits or fees needed for your belongings to enter a different country. You should also set up utility and any other services in your new location before you go there. Finalizing those legal and government documents before you travel will make things much easier for you and save you a lot of time as well as stress. 

new place

It definitely won’t be easy, but moving your life to a new place and starting over is well worth the effort. The important thing is planning ahead and being methodical with your approach to the move. Set a schedule for every step along the way, and make sure you stick to the schedule if you want the move to go smoothly without any complications.