Google hangout is the most well-known platform for Google Hangouts screen sharing. It can use to make an audio connection with other partners with videos calls, chat, plus screen share. You can use it for anyone's function that you want.

Screen share is not a length process. You can share your pc screen with your clients or others where need downloading Google Hangouts Extension in your computer. Through the sharing process, you can share essential documents, videos, or any other presentations.

If your computer includes a Skype app, you can also same jobs with your partners. But you may feel a volume problem here. So, before using the Skype video call, you should learn how to stop Skype from lowering volume?

Today we here to share with you about Google Hangouts screen sharing issue. We will show you a small amount of steps on how to share your screen with Google Hangouts.

How to use Google hangouts screen sharing

Google Hangouts extension is a great app that you can use to send a message or make audio or video calls, and even it can use for screen sharing. If you don't have this extension, you should download it on your computer. How?

First task:

1.  Open your computer and download this extension like other apps.
2.  Click the 'add to chrome' button.
3.  The extensions automatically add and open

Second task:

1.  Open the Hangouts extension or app
2.  Sign in
3.  Sign out
4.  Start a conversation.

Third task:

1.  To start your conversation, click on the ‘Google Hangouts extension.'
2.  At the top of the left, you will see the 'New conversation' button and press this button.
3.  Type the expectable name or email address and click on it.
4.  Type message to send or make a call what you wanted

Uninstall the hangouts or apps

Uninstall extension

·        Open your computer and go to the hangouts extension.
·        Click on the remove from chrome that you will find at the top of the right.
·        Press on the ‘Remove’ button.

Uninstall App

·        On the Chrome
·        Click on the Apps
·        Click again on the 'Remove from Chrome' button.

Google Hangouts screen sharing process

Step: 1   
Open your Google hangouts app on your PC.

Step: 2

After opening the app, you can see a screen with a few menus. From here, find out the 'Compose' button and click on it. Next, you need to go to another button 'new video call' and press on it to make a video call and sharing your essential file.

Step: 3

Now select the person with whom you want to screen share. And then simply press the 'button video' call and make a call.

Step: 4

After that, you need to go the 'share screen' button on the Google Hangouts app for Google Hangouts screen sharing. It remains in the left sidebar, and it is the third button of this bar. This button will show a green rectangular shape with a white arrow for pointing. Press the button for going to the next step.

Step: 5

When you click on the green button, each action will start automatically. You can handle all functions with your mouse and keyboard. All participants can see the screen that you share with them through your video call.

Step: 6

If you want to share your file with others separately with your entire screen, you can do it. Go to the specific folder that you want to share like ‘My Document’ or any other internet browsers and open it and show your important file with sharing.

But remember the significant point, all items that will be shared the need to share in Full-Screen mode, and it is only for Google Hangouts.

Step: 7

When you have selected the file, you can select the 'share' button and press it for sharing the file. If you use Google Chrome as a default browser, you can do it simply. But when you use another browser, you need to use the 'Start Screenshare’ button.

Step: 8

After pressing on the 'Share' button, your file may not share instantly, and your partner can not see it very fast. Sometimes it takes a few times to share the data. So, you have to make some patients in this step.  

When the file shares successfully after loading, you have to click the 'Present to everyone' button. Now press the button of the selected file and finally make the sharing screen viewable so that everyone can see your file from your pc screen.

Step: 9

When you have completed this entire step, you are ready to perform your activity in front of the partners. You can indicate the point that you want to show to your partner with the help of your keyboard and mouse. On the other side, the participants can be able to see what you show. You also can talk to them, and they also hear what you say with them.

Step: 10

After finishing your small presentation by the screen share on Google hangouts extension, you can back into the active hangouts windows. To go to the back, search the ‘stop’ button into the top taskbar. Then click the button and stop the Google meeting.

Now you can terminate your video call. This will stop the screen share, and your partners can't see any screen that they see previously.


Google Hangouts screen sharing doesn't work? So what? Nothing to worry about. In some cases, it will happen that the screen share can stop in the middle of the task. You can solve it with the help of web browsing that you were using.

1.  To solve this problem, you need to change the browser. If you have experience in presenting a screen with hangouts extension, you should first try it. If it doesn't work, you should try another browser such as Safari or Mozilla Firefox that are developed by Google.

2.  You use for an expanded time, and the browsers should start an infrequent cache clearing. The means of it that the browser won't be able to load the website from the cache. It will go to load a fresh and new version website.

So, you have to find a transparent cache process into the setting options and handle the job quickly. If you have a clear cache browser, repeat the Chrome screen share process following the steps that explained before in this post.


Hopefully, now, you are ready to handle any project with your partners by learning the Google hangouts screen sharing process. Yes, the screen sharing process in your Google is so easy. You can manage it so fast by following the described method. This process allows you to share any important stuff with your colleagues or any clients from your home.