The AYANA Komodo Resort is one of a kind on Waecicu Beach and has 13 suites and 192 guest rooms. The sizeable airy guest rooms are light inspired and with large windows that allow you a panoramic ocean view. The Komodo resort is located in one of the most stunning islands on the Indonesian Archipelago with an eclectic mix of languages, landscapes, and religions, coupled with gorgeous white beaches and clear azure waters.

Labuan Bajo is a tiny fishing town that is located on the western end of Flores Island and is the capital of one of the eight regencies and main administrative divisions in Flores, the West Manggarai Regency.

To get to Labuan Bajo from Bali, you can take one of the seven daily flights from Denpasar, Bali, and it is just an hour’s flight. From Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island, you can only take a boat, unless you have the money to rent a helicopter! The AYANA Komodo Resort offers packages for several activities, including a Komodo National Park tour and many other activities.

The once sleepy village of Labuan Bajo is now a bustling tourist hub with so many things to see and do. Labuan Bajo has many talented craft artisans that make unique keepsakes that you can take home after your vacation. Ranging from specialty coffee to woven Ikat, here are some memorabilia for you to take with you:


The Ikat is a stunning traditional Florinese hand-woven fabric. The fabric is manually woven and dyed using natural ingredients such as woods, roots, and leaves. Each fabric has a unique pattern that tells its own story. The island has many Ikat weaving centers such as Lewokluo, Nggela, and Watublapi, and interestingly, every regency has its ikat pattern. While other weavers resorted to industrial yarn and chemical dyes as opposed to natural, the Watublapi community has retained the traditional technique of yarn spun by hand and natural dyes.

Topi Re’ a 

The hand-woven traditional Florinese hat made from Pandan leaves in colorful and elaborate patterns is called Topi Re’ a. The songkok-design hat is small and unique, and you can choose to have the weavers weave a unique design of your choice.

Flores Coffee
Coffee from Flores Island is Flores Arabica but locally called Bajawa coffee. This coffee is a favorite among coffee connoisseurs. The Bajawa coffee beans have a very distinct flavor with hints of chocolate, wood and mixed with some floral hints.

Flores Honey
The Florinese has harvested forest honey for many centuries and is among the essential staples on the island. The honeydew honey has a distinct and robust flavor that is an attraction for honey connoisseurs. East Flores is famous for the honey produced there. The vast forest area is a stimulant for bees to produce more honey.

Blue Stones
The natural blue stones are found in plenty in the Ende Regency near Nangapanda. These stunning stones with unique colors make them fantastic souvenirs to take back home. To display them, put the rocks in a clear vase with or without water.

You can have a taste of Moke or arrack is a local spirit that is ginlike and is part of the tradition (adat). It is typically taken pure or mixed with some lime, honey, or some orange juice. If you want to carry it back with you, it will depend on don whether your home country will allow it through the airport. The best moke is made in Adonara but is sold in Larantuka. Labuan Bajo also sells Moke, and you can sample it here.


You cannot exhaust the activities in and around Flores Island. The AYANA Resort has some of the most amazing offers and is the only 5-star resort on the island, you are assured of world-class hospitality and top-notch amenities. Make the best of your vacation by taking advantage of all the offers the AYANA Komodo Resort has, from accommodation to dining.