With the festive season in our midst, everyone is obviously in a festive mood. However, home security is a very big concern during this period. Many homeowners usually go on vacation during this period while others are deeply engrossed in the endless merry-making throughout the season. Burglars look up to this period to have a field day helping themselves to valuables of less careful homeowners. Here is the ugly truth about possible entry points burglars might use to break into your home, here are some awesome Sliding Barn Door Ideas

Front door

Your front door might seem to be a very unlikely place to break into your home but burglars have the guts to do so. About 34 of home break-ins are through the front door more than any other part of the home. This results from keeping the spare key under the flowerpot at the entrance where the burglars can easily retrieve it. Other times, the burglars might not have your key but just kick the door open or remove the door hinge before opening. 

The best way to avoid this is by installing a deadbolt lock to enhance the front door security. To avoid break-in by kicking, have your door reinforced with a strong strike plate. Ensure that you always lock the front door properly when leaving your home. Some burglars are just lucky to find the door open. Additionally, invest in a door alarm to notify you when someone tries to gain unauthorized access to your home. 

Back door 

Another most attractive break-0in point for burglars is the back door. This is because the intruders can avoid attracting attention from neighbors and passersby. The back door to the kitchen or leading into the deck area is favorite break-in points. There is a chance of leaving this door open or failing to have it reinforced. Burglars find it so easy to open this door by smashing or lifting standard locks of their tracks. Avoiding this requires investing in security doors in Bakersfield CA that come with enhanced features to limit breaking in. 

Other ways to improve the security of your back door is to install stronger locks and strike plates for reinforcement. Have wooden dowel jammed in the track of the sliding door to slow down burglars. The door frame needs securing with sliding bolts to limit the easy lifting of its track. A door alarm is also a worthwhile investment for sufficient protection in case someone attempts to break in. Finally, always keep the back door locked all the time when leaving the house. 

Garage door

About 10 percent of break-ins are through the garage attached to a home. Some homeowners use the garage as a primary entry point into their homes. This encourages leading the door to the garage and into the home unlocked for convenience. Burglars usually look for weak spots to gain access into your home. Therefore, the can easily spot an unlocked garage door to get into your home.
You can avoid this by installing sturdy locks and strike plates for reinforcement. 

Consider upgrading the garage door to a stronger and more durable option. Always lock the garage door when going away from home and on entering the house. Never leave the garage access key in your car. Select a strong garage door made from stronger material like wood, fiberglass, or metal. Using timers for closing behind you is another good option when leaving in hurrying and a programmable padlock is hard to break. 

First-floor window

Most homeowners ignore the first-floor windows when thinking about securing their homes. Surprisingly, about 23 percent of break-ins are through the first-floor window. This is a potential weak point burglars use for easy and quick access into people’s homes. There is usually a chance of using this window after failing to use other points highlighted above.

You can avoid this by installing tempered glass or reinforced glass in the window. Thicker glass with Plexiglas or polycarbonate is 10 times stronger than regular glass and 250 more resistant to impact. Iron bars in the windows make it hard for burglars to squeeze through even after breaking the glass. Always keep the window closed, invest in deadbolt locks, or window alarm to have peace of mind. 

Tips to keep your home safe

After understanding possible entry points burglars can use to break into your home, it pays to get some ideas on how to keep your home safe. These include:

· Investing in security doors
· Installing CCTV camera
· Getting a guard dog
· Monitoring your home remotely
· Outdoor lights including motion sensors
· Leaving lights on when away from home


Keeping your family and valuables safe and secure is a very big consideration for every homeowner. Achieving this requires taking the plunge to make some adjustments in the home to match security requirements. One of these is installing security doors that come with re-enforced features to limit forced entry.