Technology has evolved in more ways than a person could possibly begin to fathom, and it’s even getting harder to keep up with the constant evolution and ongoing advancements. Yet, there are some inventions that stick with us, because they are a part of our lives, and we use them on a regular basis. One industry that saw a huge leap because of technology is the food and beverage industry. Between new restaurants benefitting from the bigger marketing window and enhanced reach and the websites having online menus accessible to people, the food industry took things to the next level. But as time goes by and we become busier especially millennials, it’s the online food delivery service that changed the game.

The evolution of food delivery services

Food delivery options have been around since the invention of the telephone, and our parents and grandparents did have the option to call the nearest pizza place and order whatever they wanted. But as time went by, you started having more options that were much better for millennials. In this day and age, you could order anything you want without even using your telephone to make any calls, which was quite convenient for a lot of people.

Online options 

Food delivery becoming available online was a game-changer, and a person working at their computer could order what they want within a few seconds. You just need to log into the website, add your order, and click send to your existing address. Pizza is one of the more popular food choices being ordered online. Pizza fans love this great choice because it allows them to order any pizza they want online without having to make phone calls which are time-consuming, not to mention uncomfortable for a lot of people. Your location is saved with a restaurant, and all you have to do is just make an order, and it will be delivered to your doorstep. This type of fold delivery service made life much easier for a lot of young millennials who are used to the hustle and bustle of the online world, and they don’t have time to make a phone call to order a pizza.


When food delivery services became available online, this opened the door to a lot of variety. The internet is the world’s largest database, and with a simple search query, you could locate thousands of restaurants around you offering all sorts of different foods. This is also quite helpful to the millennial who is used to having many different choices to select from. You get different cuisines, ethnic restaurants, and all sorts of diet and vegan options, all because of the internet.


A lot of people don’t really like making phone calls, and it is quite a daunting notion for them. The fact that food delivery services are available this easily now makes their lives much easier because ordering a meal is just a click of a button away. You don’t have to go buy the food yourself or spend 5 minutes on the phone listening to some bland offers. It is instantaneous and smooth, which is very convenient for basically everyone, not just the introverts.


If there is one thing a millennial loves, it is offers and promos. The evolution of food delivery services to the online world made it possible for your favourite restaurants to add offers and promo codes that were not available before. This added a new level of convenience and excitement to people ordering food because they get to have what they love for discounted prices or with offers like ‘buy 2, get 1.’

New companies

The convenience of food delivery services even extended to the business world, where new companies have started offering a service to get your favourite meals from your favourite restaurants, in less time and for better money. This is why Uber released its UberEats service, for example, hoping to capitalize on the wave of interest in food delivery services.

Payment options 

One of the smartest things that food and beverage companies and restaurants did was leveraging the evolution of food delivery services to cater to millennials’ needs in terms of payment options. Most young people these days don’t carry cash around; they use credit and debit cards. And you can use those options, as well as others like net banking and e-wallets, to pay for your meals, which offers a lot of convenience to the people ordering.

There is no telling what the future has in store for the F&B industry and food delivery services, but the constant progress is quite impressive. Who knows, maybe in the future, we’ll have choppers delivering pizzas!