farmer and carpenters

Regardless of what project you are working on or what type of plan you execute while working, you will need some tools to do the job. Some basic tools are much needed to get all your jobs done, whether you are a farmer, carpenter, or farming contractor. For the best productivity, there are quite a lot of tools to own. 

Some of them you will have to own before even starting the work, and some of them are meant to make the job easy and fast-paced. Here are the most suggested tools by the experienced master of tools that have been used by thousands. You also need them if you want to increase your efficiency level. Know the different types of saws, their usage, and their benefits before you buy the best one.

Storage space

Now, storage space for your tools is also a big issue. Whether you're trying to become a professional carpenter or farmer, you will have a lot of tools after a while. You need to keep track of all your tools and organize them as well. 

Or you will have to deal with the big hassle of finding the right tool and taking it to work right away. So, make sure you have good organizing work efficiency and give yourself a convenient storage space such as a Tool Belt, a toolbox, or in-home more extensive storage where you can take your tools for the particular job you are going to do afterward. If you're considering saving money by building your own storage, this site has extensive guides, tutorials, and tips.

Tool Belt

The most important tool you need is the tool that will carry your other tools like hammers, chisels, pliers, nails, screws, screwdrivers, and so on. Getting the best framing carpenter tool belt should be the first thing you give in your consideration. The tool belt will boost your working efficiency to another level, and it will enable you to do more with less movement as you are getting all the tools right under your wing in the belt. 


If you are more into a bigger job that requires a lot of tools, you may need more than a tool belt to go with. In that case, you also need a toolbox with which you can carry your tools like a drilling machine, grinder, and other more extensive tools unsuitable to attach with a tool belt. 

Toolboxes come in different sizes and varieties to meet the needs of carpenters and tool workers. The toolbox will have compartments inside to fit every type of tool you may have. Be sure to check them out according to what type of tool you own. 

Now, here is the list of individual common tools that are essential for any tool worker or carpenter.


Hammers are among the most used tools in carpeting and any other hardware job. They are also the most versatile tools, capable of doing so much with a single piece of iron in your hand. 

There are many types of hammers; if you are planning on farming a lot, go for a straight claw hammer and avoid steel-shacked hammers. fiberglass or Stick-handle hammers are a good fit for working

Tape measurer

This one is also absolutely important. You have to get at least a measuring tool that will allow you to measure things like distances between things, how long or how short you should cut the wood, and so on. 

There are many types of measuring tape as well. You can find plastic or steel tape with or without a built-in mechanism to fold in. The best practice is to choose one that is 25-30 feet long and a small one to mark while measuring. 

Carpenter's Pencil

You'll have to do a lot of markings while working, and a marking tool is essential. You need a pencil for indicating distances, making outlines for a cut or joining, and so on. 

The best practice is to own at least two pencils and sharpen both ends with a sharpener. This will allow you to get more jobs done without taking any extra pressure. 

Utility knife

Utility knives are more used by carpenters and farmers than by other tool workers. You need to have a sharp utility knife to sharpen corners, trim or make openings, and finish some pieces. 

Make sure you get your knife with a touchable blade, and the locking mechanism should be sturdy and strong so you can handle it with maximum security and strength.


When it comes to perfection, you must get your horizontal and vertical lines straight.  The level enables you to do the straightness with the most possible accuracy when using wood lathe

Try to get this must-have tool one or possibly more than one for better workflow. If you have the budget, a laser level will be far better than a regular level as it allows you to work with a bigger space and extendability

Final thought

When you are doing some tool job, make sure to gear up with the best quality tools if you want to get your jobs done with the most profitable and nice finish in your work. Don’t forget to gear up the toolbox or tool belt with effective tooling that will allow you an easy reach to every tool you have. If you're looking to buy your first, or upgrade, then our reviews here at are here to help.