Irregular Payroll Date

Although times have changed and the average employees have more rights than they used to, that doesn’t mean those rights are respected. Some would argue that employees who are frequently not paid on time can simply find another job but people stay for many reasons: some are close to retirement or pregnant, some are used to it, and besides, why would they leave the job and make it easy for the employer to continue with such a bad practice?

So, let’s take a look at the two most common problems employees face due to their payroll date being irregular, followed by the two simplest and most efficient ways for employers to prevent it from happening (providing that they are not doing it on purpose).

It hinders employees’ long-term planning

Not knowing when they will receive their hard-earned salary keeps the employees on their toes. It is a terrible feeling when you are in dire need of a new winter jacket or a water heater that broke a week ago and you simply cannot function properly because of something that hasn’t got anything to do with your performance at work.

If the only thing that the employees can count on is never knowing the exact payroll date, that will prevent them from making any travel plans or responding to social calls. This is because they will prioritize basic needs and save money to make sure they have enough for food until the elusive salary arrives. It is unrealistic for employers to expect such employees to remain motivated, find ways to battle stress more efficiently, and perform at their best. Worrying about money even though they’ve earned it will only result in a lack of enthusiasm and even increase the chances of making errors in their daily tasks. 

Employees aren’t able to fulfill their financial obligations on time

One of the biggest nightmares of adulthood is not being able to pay your loans, although one expects those who cannot pay to be unemployed. This is why working hard and not knowing when you will receive the salary is so devastating - the financial issues come to you and you are not even the one to blame.

Be that as it may, the employees still have to pay the monthly installments and bills which often results in them seeking a second job. This strategy comes with its own set of complications: they have less time for their family, they don’t sleep enough or have time to take care of their health properly. When it comes to their main job, under these circumstances, they might miss a deadline, arrive late or simply quit. Most people would accept even a smaller salary if that means that the payment date was fixed, especially those that have small children to take care of.

Good payroll software is every employer’s best friend

If we observe the situation from an employer’s point of view, we might learn that they are experiencing some personal issues that cause them to keep sending employees’ salaries late, that the company might be in the middle of a financial crisis or that they are having a problem with the current accountant.

Reasons may be plenty and although most would say that there is no excuse for being late when that affects the everyday lives of the employees, it is best to concentrate on what could be done to improve the situation. The wisest option is to automate the entire payroll process to avoid any mistakes and ensure everything is paid out on time. In addition to that, employers can give each employee a payroll card compliant with secure transfer regulations - in that way they can access their salary quickly and safely and none of it would be wasted on fees for cashing paper cheques. If the employer isn’t late with salaries on purpose, payroll software is the perfect solution to the problem of late payments.

Employers can organize better by hiring an assistant

If the main reason employers pay out salaries irregularly is the fact that they are too busy, one of the simplest solutions is to hire an assistant. For ambitious but inexperienced business owners, it is not unimaginable that they are trying to keep everything together on their own instead of delegating tasks which causes them to forget or be late with fulfilling obligations.

In this case, the priorities might be set wrong and that might be caused by them having too much on their plate. This is why hiring an assistant is an excellent way to cope with obligations so that the assistant can monitor the employer’s schedules in terms of tasks and meetings and make sure the employer is informed and reminded about what needs to be done daily. Depending on the deal, the assistant can tend to the employer’s communication and filter through only the important ones which can significantly facilitate the employer’s workload.

Final thoughts

Besides these basic ones, there are many other money-related issues that employees face and also many other strategies for an employer to resolve the issue of late salaries. However, the simplest ones are for employers to organize and prioritize better and hire help from an assistant and a handy payroll software solution. In that way, employees will be satisfied, more motivated and therefore efficient which is every employer’s desire.