Currently, we’re experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. Recruiting and hiring have become more competitive as fewer candidates possess the necessary skills to be successful in their next position. In a recent SHRM study, 83% of human resources professionals have reported difficulty recruiting suitable job candidates in the last year. Fifty-two percent of HR professionals say the skills shortage has worsened in the previous two years.

Assessments Help in Hiring

With fewer qualified candidates and a growing skills gap, how can employers hire top-tier candidates to ensure their company’s growth and success?

One way to ensure you’re making the best hiring decisions is to incorporate behavioral assessment tests into your recruitment. Behavioral assessments are predictive, objective measures of candidates’ traits, temperament, and abilities, identifying their suitability for the position and your corporate culture.

Traditionally, behavioral assessments were less common in the hiring process. However, the trend to integrate behavioral assessments into hiring practices is growing. In a recent study reported by SHRM, 52% of companies used skills tests, whereas 38% used behavioral predictive evaluations. By integrating behavioral assessment tests into your recruiting process, you can objectively measure your candidates’ full potential for success.

Let’s learn more about how behavioral tests help in hiring.

Determine How Behavioral Assessments Fit in Your Recruitment

Companies are changing how they approach talent acquisition using pre-employment assessments, such as behavioral tests. These assessments gather information about a candidate’s skill set and best-fit characteristics, such as cultural fit or personality traits.

According to a 2017 study by Aberdeen, best-in-class companies were likelier to use pre-employment assessments. Pre-employment assessments, like behavioral assessment tests, are now often used to reduce inaccuracies or human subjectivity in the recruitment process while giving employers insight into top-quality talent.

To best use behavioral assessments, you must determine how these tests fit your hiring practices. Resume Parser API is the best practice to find the right employees. For example, you can create a comprehensive candidate evaluation by combining behavioral assessments with skills tests. By incorporating objective analysis, you lessen the impact of hiring mistakes while reducing the time and costs associated with the recruitment process.

Customize Assessments for Your Company

You don’t have to limit yourself to off-the-shelf pre-employment tests to have an effective recruiting program. Although this is a viable option, as many tests are industry-based or specific skill-based, you can customize behavioral assessment tests for your organization or industry. This gives you ultimate flexibility in designing assessments for your organization, helping you recruit the best talent.

For example, your customization may differ across different positions or locations within your company. Although you may have similar questions across all jobs, you can tailor your assessments for management, technical, or professional jobs, for example. After all, you don’t want to hire a manager if they don’t have the personality to manage. By implementing behavioral assessments, you gain insight into your candidates’ abilities, above and beyond their resume and interview.

Use Your Results

With pre-employment tests, you have access to objective, comprehensive data. The tests produce results, not subjective human interpretations or gut feelings. With behavioral assessments, you can identify a candidate’s workplace behaviors and preferred style of communication and interaction.

This data will help employers make better hiring decisions and help employers and managers learn how to communicate with and motivate new hires. Behavioral assessment tools should be used to their fullest extent. Don’t simply abandon the data once the candidate is hired. Continue to use the objective results to better your management of employees, encouraging them to be their best at every point of their career.

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