window cleaning business

Clean windows make our homes look lighter and brighter. That why most people, particularly in summer months, hire the services of a window cleaner. Starting your own window cleaning Cardiff business can prove very fruitful. It does take lots of planning and hard work so it is essential that you are organised. Here is a quick guide to running a successful window cleaning business.

Branding and Advertising

Once you have decided on a company name, you should consider having a logo created. Many graphic designers will put something together for you at a very reasonable price. Branded stationery is another way to look more professional. A customer is more likely to contact you if they are handed a business card rather than a scrap piece of paper with your number noted on it.

To be successful in any business, you need customers. Advertising locally should bring some business your way. If you have a local corner shop, ask if you can leave them with some flyers advertising your services or pop a card in their window. There are lots of local Facebook groups that allow business advertising. Not only is it free but the potential reach is huge. If you live in a fairly large city, make sure you specify the areas that you cover.

Keep detailed and accurate paperwork

You will have many different clients with differing requirements in terms of service regularity so being organised is a must. Keep a record of each client’s name and address as well as how often they need their windows cleaned. Over time it will get easier to manage but being accurate and efficient from the outset could save you time and money. 

Agree on how frequently customers will pay for your services. It is unlikely they will always be around when you are there so you must make sure that you keep records of who has paid and any sums outstanding.

Organise adequate transport

You will need to be able to transport ladders and other supplies around so a vehicle is a necessity. If you don't already own a van then it's a good idea to lease one. Companies like Intelligent Van Leasing, offer a host of different sized vehicles for lease.

Make sure that you keep receipts for petrol and a note of your mileage. You may need these when filling in your annual tax return.

Do a good job

This is probably the most crucial point. If you do a bad or below-par job, it’s unlikely you will keep customers for long. Having the best products should help provide a great service. Using cheap or sub-standard products could result in a mediocre result. Attention to detail is very important so take your time to ensure that jobs are carried out to the highest standard. Most of your customers will come from word of mouth and recommendations. Just remember, if your customers are happy, they will tell 10 people, if they are unhappy, they will tell 100.