Window Cleaner Needs

Window cleaning is a lucrative business with great potential for expansion if you're savvy enough. However, starting up can be difficult and it can be confusing knowing which window cleaning equipment is essential and which you can buy when the money starts coming in. It can be tempted to invest in expensive machinery and chemicals for cleaning windows, but this isn't necessary; start simple and buy the basics. Here are the top 5 products every window cleaner needs when they're starting out.

1. Extendable Aluminium Poles

Throughout your cleaning career, you're going to encounter windows of varying heights and it's unlikely that you'll be able to reach all of them with a ladder alone. If you have a variety of extendable aluminium poles in your kit, you'll be perceived as a more professional cleaning company which strives to provide the cleanest and most streak-free finish for all clients' windows.

Aluminium poles are also vital for safety reasons, as they allow you to reach higher without falling. It's better to invest in poles that are sturdy and robust, as these will last throughout your career without needing to be replaced.

2. Window Squeegees

You can't provide a sparkling and streak-free finish without a selection of window squeegees in your cleaning kit. A lightweight window squeegee is a great place to start as it's a low-cost option for window cleaning businesses that are just starting; each one comes with a rubber grip handle, meaning that you're less likely to drop them during your cleaning shift.

Quality squeegees won't rust or erode over time, so you can keep them in your kit for years to come. Best of all, window squeegees can be attached to their compatible extendable poles, meaning that even high reach windows can be efficiently cleaned.

3. Colour Coded Buckets

New window cleaners make the rookie mistake of only using one bucket for their cleaning purposes. This can be a disaster when you're out on the job, and you'll provide a less than satisfactory service. Colour coded buckets can revolutionise your workday and make the window cleaning process run smoothly.

You can delegate each colour to a specific function and load one bucket with window cleaning products and the other can be filled with clean water to get that immaculate finish. You should invest in robust buckets that won't shatter, even when dropped from a great height.

4. Shine Kits

These handy kits are incredibly underrated in the window cleaning industry and they increase work productivity and clean the windows to a greater shine. The mops and cloths use microfibre technology to achieve a close and super clean finish to windows; the fine fibres catch more dirt and clean to a microscopic level.

The best thing about a shine kit is that it's multi-purpose - if you extend your business to include other forms of industrial cleaning, you can also use the shine kits on indoor mirrors, walls and glossy surfaces.

5. Sponges And Cloths

Stockpile sponges and cloths when you first start your window cleaning business because you'll need a lot more of them than you might think. Sponges are the most effective way to cut through tough grime and dirt without damaging the glass underneath.

When it comes to cloths, you need to use specialised fabrics that will clean off the dirt and buff the glass to a shine. It can absorb ten times more water than normal cloths and can also be re-used again and again. With specialised cloths and sponges, window cleaning is so much easier and it takes less effort to efficiently clean every window.