Everybody, from DIYer to Professional, acknowledges oscillating tools as an essential tool of one’s toolbox. What are they are regarded so essential?

Whatever you do - cutting, sawing, scraping or sanding, an oscillating tool can assist you more than other object-specific power tools do. You will find the fantastic tool as an all-purpose fix-it device.

With a wide variety of attachments, it is a versatile and all-in-one tool. Dealing with anything, including steel, aluminum, tile, wood, carpet, glass, and plastic is quite easy if you use purpose-specific blades installed in a quality oscillating tool.

DIYers, carpenters, plumbers, contractors, and other experts have their purposes of using oscillating multi-tool. Here we will tell some of the common oscillating tool uses.


Before the emergence of the oscillating tool, interior or outer beautification was a tough task and required more demolition compared to the total construction. The advent of the current oscillating tool mechanism has changed the scenario radically. You can trim anywhere to ensure surgical cutting precision.

Apply a multi-tool where you need trimming and furnishing, and get your job done. Slice off anything excess, i.e., screws, pipes, if you find it dangerous or bad-looking. For trimming and finishing, you can navigate multi-tools through tight spaces and awkward edges, including ceilings, baseboards, and behind the wall as they have a super compact and portable design.

Metal Cutting

What are oscillating tools used for? The best answer is - for cutting metals. An ordinary man performs as an expert craftsman while cutting metals using a multi-tool. You will achieve an outstanding result if you can use the metal-specific blades. Use bi-metal blades for non-tough metals or wood & metals. Circular saw blades should be used, on the other hand, when you cut the more robust materials. Suppose, you lost the key of your tough-metal letter box; there is no other way to unlock but need it immediately. Get your tool; install the circular saw blade, and cut the specific part to open it.

Installation and Modification

Installation or modification of any hardware at your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen without the help of an oscillating tool is unimaginable nowadays. You have to install a new sink, a slide-out pantry, or a dishwasher? Do not worry! Running the tool blades is the easiest and fastest way to cut slots for such installation. You could use a saw blade for the purpose, but that would be relatively slow and complicated.

Tile Cutting and Grout Removal

Currently, tile is the most used material for interior and exterior decoration of your construction, and the use is still increasing. So, tile cutting, resizing, and polishing has become a prevalent task for the contractors and DIYers. Oscillating tools are the best amongst available cutting tools in this regard.

You can use these tools for cutting and removing grout from your bathroom or kitchen tiles to make the area fresh and clean. Even you may need a significant repair or redesign of your bathroom where you will need to cut the tiles and metals. You must use oscillating tool blades in that case.

Drywall and Ceiling Opening

Cutting out ceiling and drywall to make openings for installing the power outlets, light fittings, and switches become the most straightforward task if you use oscillating tools. Honestly, you won’t find any better alternative for such cutting than a reliable oscillating tool.

Outline and chop out the drywall flawlessly. If you can make a perfect outline, get it confirmed that no cables inside the wall would be damaged, and you won’t need to test it further whether they are okay, as the cut would be so precise. Regardless of the toughness of angles of the walls or ceilings, you will get the best result possible than other cutting methods.

Remove Old Paint and Metal Rust

Don’t you understand what to do with the old paint on a salvaged furniture or battered window sill? What to do even with the mistreated metalwork full of rust? The simplest way is to apply the right attachment for your oscillating tool and remove paint and rust softly. Before repainting or refurbishing the wood or metal, you can also apply multi-tool to ensure a professional-look finish.

Last Words

There are numerous purposes where you also can use a multi-tool. If you are creative enough and do not keep your thought bound, you will find many other scopes where you may put your oscillating tool and get some sorts of excellent outputs. What you need to do is just being cautious while applying for something new.