You can seldom find a person who does not love the beauty and utility of a farmhouse sink. Like its beauty and functional versatility, it requires a sophisticated installation as well.

If you know the basics of a farmhouse sink installation, you must know how important a role does a cabinet play there, especially when it comes to putting the sink in the kitchen.

Farmhouse sinks are made from different materials and sizes. They have an entirely different structure than the standard kitchen sinks. They are deeper, wider, and larger. And, most of them do not come in accurately level or square.

All of the facts indicate that you cannot put a farmhouse sink in a standard kitchen cabinet - the cabinet should be custom-built for every sink, and the sink should be brought on-site before you start building a cabinet.

But how can you make a cabinet ready for installing your apron front sink?

Getting help from a sink cabinet maker or installation expert is the wisest way, regardless of building an entirely new one or rebuilding an existing cabinet according to the sink measurement. But if you want to do it by yourself, the following step by step guidelines on how to build a cabinet for a 27 inch farmhouse sink will help you for sure.

Step 1 - Marking Cutout

The first step of making a cabinet ready for a farmhouse sink installation is marking a cutout in the countertop of the cabinet. The cutout shall be narrower than the width of the sink by 1-inch. It will overhang the countertop on the back and side and edges of the farmhouse sink. The cutout’s depth should be half-inch to one inch less than the depth of back-to-front of the sink. Mark the cutout according to the measurement.

Step 2 - Cutting Sink Opening

Remove all waste materials from the cabinet countertop. Start cutting the layout lines (as set in step 1). Give curved cuts to the corners, and then straight cuts (perpendicular) for finishing the area. Downstocking with the blades of a Jig-Saw would be the most effective option there.

For a smoother look and feel, sand the cut corners of the cutout. For bringing a professional appearance, you may cut a profile around the cutout top using a router along with a round-over bit. Later, apply finish to the whole countertop, especially on the cut edges.

Step 3 - Making Sink Support

Make a support frame or sufficient support bars and install them at the lower-inside part of the cabinet where the farm sink will be kept later. Make sure that the support frame or bars are capable of holding the full weight of the sink.

Consider the maximum (approximate) weight of the wastes, dishes, and water that are supposed to gather there while being used. While installing the support bars, keep an eye and confirm that there is no misplacement of the sink line and level with the countertop.

Step 4 - Installing Sink Platform

It is the last step to making a cabinet prepared for farmhouse sink installation. Cut a fiberboard or particle board of 0.75-inch and build a platform for the sink. Place the platform a couple of inches distant from the cabinet back, and anchor it to the platform using screws and adhesive. It will ensure the install the water supply tube and faucets. 

Cut a cutout beneath the platform of the sink for drainage opening. Make sure the cutout is circular or rectangular (according to the sink drain you bought) and large enough to accommodate the bought pipe and trap of the drain. 

What Should the Cabinet Size?

Perfect sizing of a farmhouse sink cabinet is essential, regardless of whether you are buying a cabinet or building it on your own. It might make you confused a bit when it comes to deciding the right cabinet size for a kitchen sink.

Measure the inside of your cabinet and subtract 3 inches- what you find is the maximum size of a farmhouse sink that you can install on that cabinet. For instance, if you find the cabinet inside 36-inch, it can accommodate a 33-inch sink there.

Last Words

That was the simplest explanation of how to build a cabinet for a farmhouse sink. But the parameters discussed here may change a bit subject to the type of farmhouse sink, design of the cabinet, and some other facts. If you buy a ready to install farmhouse cabinet, that might require less effort than we explained above. If your case goes more complicated, and you find it tough, it is better to seek help from a professional