These days the eCommerce businesses are thriving at rapid pace as the community of customers is rising day by day. The customers can purchase their goods while being in the comfort of their homes. As the business is thriving, the number of merchants is increasing as well. After every couple of months, we come across new eCommerce stores showcasing high-end products and offering compelling deals. As customers have too many choices to buy their intended products from any online store, the competition between stores is at its peak. Every store is striving to stay ahead of others by introducing compelling offers, optimizing their websites to rank higher, optimal web design, tailored to grasp audience attention and much more.

Besides the presence of high-end products, the eCommerce stores are required to have an attractive layout to drive more customers to the business domain and to lead them to the productive sections of the website. Those eCommerce entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the market growth by offering an efficient user experience. The more efficiently the user can navigate through the website, the more sales and conversions would generate. Today we are going to analyze the importance of UI/UX for eCommerce stores and how it can impact on ultimate business growth.

Prominent and smooth navigation

The smooth navigation system is crucial to offer a seamless user experience. Mostly the navigation bar consists of multiple links that lead users to numerous sections of the website. Having structured and smooth navigation for an eCommerce website is significant to let users explore the website. If it becomes too daunting for users to explore the content, users might bounce; hence, inefficient user experience leads to fewer conversations and sales. Try to build a robust navigation system that drives visitors to the productive areas of the website.

The placement of CTA’s

It is ideal to place CTA’s in the prominent sections of the website. When a user lands on your online store, the banner images that illuminate top offers and deals could result in a rapid sale.  CTA’s are also crucial to navigating to the multiple sections of the website in the shopping process. The CTA's are meant to assist shoppers in their buying journey. Crafting compelling CTA's and placing them in the prominent sections of the website could bring wonders for your online business.

Optimize content for search engines

The content optimization is vital to get leverage in the search engine rankings and to be prominent in the relevant business niches. The integration of specific keywords in the content would assist potential users in reaching you. The search engines offer great favor to the sites that are enriched with high-quality content. The users usually find the products by typing the name or related terms in search engine search boxes. The efficient keyword integration, along with the listed products, could let users reach the intended product section swiftly. It is ideal to create a custom landing page section for each listed product to make it look more appealing and organized.

Integrate social media sharing options

This digital era demands you to be connected with the search engines to know what your potential audience wants.  The social sharing buttons allow quick sharing of any content on social platforms. It could give your webpages an ultimate boost in the shape of massive traffic. The more people would get interacted with the appropriate content, the more exposure your eCommerce store would acquire. 
Also embedding a dedicated section of user reviews, comments and ratings from social media pages could gravitate huge potential customers to your product landing pages.

Efficient Checkout process

The abandonment rate is overwhelmingly high, and the major reasons are high shipping rates, no flexibility to sign up as a guest shopper, limited payment options and uncertainty. The optimized and convenient checkout process could ultimately result in an improved conversion rate. Many shoppers don't prefer to go through a daunting signup process as they land on a particular eCommerce store. The merchants can introduce an easy to fill registration process at checkout when it has chosen items to purchase and is ready to go for it.

Final words

The first impression of your online store should be convincing. It should reflect a positive brand image as an amazingly fabricated user interface could bring many fortunes for a particular eCommerce business. The UX design is the major element in assisting users to the intended content throughout the entire customer journey. By adopting the best design practices and introducing personalization in the business domain, the merchants can enhance the digital shopping experience.