Wordpress hosting plans are offered with so many types to choose from. Of course, people want to find the best hosting plan for their WordPress based website. Some people think that it must be the most expensive one. The most expensive web hosting plan might come with various kinds of superior performance compared to other hosting plans but it does not mean that it must be the most suitable option for everyone’s needs. The hosting plan needs can be different from one and another website. Finding the hosting plan that can meet each website necessity will enhance the efficiency, of course.

Although several hosting plans are available, people do not need to worry because they can make comparison first before making any decision. In this circumstance, we can start to compare three popular hosting plans for WordPress. We will not only compare the good aspects of the hosting plan but also the bad aspects. Let’s get started.


The first popular option of the wordpress hosting plans is a shared hosting plan. Several good things can be offered by this hosting plan. The most noticeable benefit must be the affordable price. Some people might find that the monthly cost of this hosting plan is cheaper than their coffee cost. Using a shared hosting plan will mean that people do not have to worry about the complicated use of the plan. It is perfect for people who just start their website because it is super easy to use. People can find that most shared hosting plans are mostly automated, well-documented, and systemized. The security as well as performance optimization at the server level will be handled by the hosting provider. The hosting provider will also offer a better hosting plan solution when the website outgrows the capacity of the shared hosting plan.

Although people will love the fact that the shared hosting plan is very cheap, they also have to face the fact that this hosting plan is not specially optimized for WordPress. People will share the resource with other users. It means that the behavior of other websites might affect the performance of other user’s websites. It can be quite risky for business site although personal sites will not be affected greatly by this circumstance. When the website on the server gets so many visitors at once, it will affect the performance of the entire server. The website might be taken offline for avoiding bad effect on other websites.


Next, there is a VPS plan that must also be considered when people are looking for WordPress hosting plans. It is great that the VPS hosting plan can offer the value that people want to get from the dedicated hosting plan at a cheaper price rate. People might try to compare VPS hosting plan with the shared hosting plan in the performance aspect. They can make sure that the VPS plan has a much powerful performance than the shared hosting plan. VPS plans can also offer scalability since there is no need to migrate the VPS account when people want to allocate additional resources. They can make a quick fix when they want to get more processing power, space, and memory.

Because of better performance that can be offered by the VPS plan, people have to pay its price. Compared to shared WordPress hosting plans, the price of a VPS plan is more expensive. Managing a shared hosting plan is quite simple because it is pretty basic. However, more complexity will be found when people using the VPS plan. The admin tasks will take more time when people use the VPS plan because of its complexity. Do not forget that people have more responsibilities in server management with a VPS plan.

Managed WordPress Hosting

The option of WordPress hosting plans to consider must be managed WordPress Hosting. People use this hosting plan that has been managed so they do not have to worry about managing the hosting. This is a great benefit that people can utilize. There is no need to do server optimization because the expert from the hosting provider will handle it. People will also get extra features for their WordPress by using managed WordPress hosting. The features include easy restores and regular backups.

Well, although the benefits of managed WordPress hosting are very tempting, people might not get tempted with the price that costs more than the regular one especially for providing and maintaining the hosting. Some restrictions can also be found by managed WordPress hosting. The limitation of plugin that can be installed is limited. They will not be able to run other software when running WordPress. This plan is made for WordPress site only.