As much as car keys are important to vehicle owners, it’s easy to lose them. In fact, a lot of car owners don’t learn the importance of car keys until they lose it and pay extra bucks to get the new ones. Did you know the blank electronic remote and transponder can cost up to £50, that too without adding the additional programming charges? The overall cost of need a car key in OKC replacement can be around £150.

We all know that car keys are way too small to be found when lost. But, why lose them at all in the first place? Taking care of your car keys is important since it can save you hundreds of bucks. You must also note that the key battery has to be replaced from time to time (it doesn't last forever). So, you must check the battery to ensure that it's working well. Let’s see how to take care of your car keys.

Store Your Car Keys in a Separate Column of Your Bag 

The first tip to protecting your car keys is storing them properly. You cannot just throw your car keys in the bag. Even if your bag is with you all the time, you can lose your keys easily. Look out for reliable need a car key in OKC services in your area.

Let's say; you take out your handkerchief or some other important documents from your bag. You didn't realize that you pulled the keys along with the documents. The keys are too small to be noticed. That's why we often lose them. If you are storing keys in a bag, make sure that you put it in a separate section so that they don’t come out with other objects.

Keep a Spare Key Somewhere Safe 

Sure, you take care of your keys and store them properly. But, you should still consider getting a spare key set just to ensure that you can access your car in case you have lost or misplaced the main keys. Don't put the main and spare keys in one place. Instead, keep it either in your pocket or give it to your friend or relative. This way, if you lose the main keys; you can at least use the spare keys to access your car.

Replace the Battery 

As mentioned before, the battery of your car keys does not last forever. You need to replace them every 2 years. It won't take hours to open the key card and check if the battery is in proper condition. Battery replacement cost much lesser than the entire key replacement. It is, therefore, important to get your key battery replaced every 2 years.

Always Carry the Spare Key Set 

One of the most annoying things that could happen to a car owner is a "lockout". Sometimes, you forget the car keys inside the vehicle and get yourself locked out of the car. In such cases, only professional locksmiths can help you get back the main keys from the car. If you don't want to get stuck in this situation, always carry a spare key.