Vacuumable vacuum cleaner

Who does not wants to save their time and energy and use it in productive activities? Who loves to spend their precious time in cleaning out their home and all? Isn’t it the waste of time when you have best vacuumable vacuum cleaners? Yes, no, yes err….

Let’s figure out the real issues you face in everyday cleaning and suggest you the best vacuum cleaners you will be thankful of.

Where To Use Vacuum Cleaners?

  • Vacuum cleaners can be used in following areas:
  • Carpet
  • Hardwood floor
  • Hard to reach corners i.e., kitchen cabinets or vehicle
  • Types of vacuum cleaners

First of all, we will discuss about the various vacuum cleaner types. Here is a list of them:

  • Canister
  • Upright
  • Drum
  • Backpack
  • Handheld
  • Cyclonic
  • Wet/dry
  • Robotic

Let us dive into depth of vacuum cleaner types to help you better choose which one meets your requirements.


Also known as cylinder model. They have either bagged or bagless dust collector with an attached motor. It also has a flexible hose, due to its flexibility different heads can be attached to it and it can reach unreachable surfaces as well.


Bag and handle are attached to the cleaning head. It has a beater bar that helps remove dirt by the combination of vibration and sweeping.


Drum is the heavy-duty industrial version of canister vacuum. It has large vertical drum that can be stationary or on wheels. Smaller designs for garages etc. are electrically driven while the larger models use the compressed air.


Mostly used for commercial cleaning purposes. It has small canister that is strapped to users back.


These are popular for cleaning up small spills, charged either by batteries or electricity. To avoid unpleasant odors the device should be partially disassembled and cleaned.


It is a portable vacuum cleaner that works on cyclonic cleaning principle. Dust is collected in cylindrical vessel or bin that can be detached.


These are specifically designed to clean up wet and liquid spills. They have a detachable blower to reversible airflow. They can be used both indoor and outdoor.


This machine moves autonomously around the home removing dirt, dust and debris and collect them into a dustbin. They have docks for charging and limited suction power.

Additional feature attached to vacuum cleaners

Bagged Vacuum

A disposable bag is attached with the vacuum cleaner that holds the dirt and debris. They are airtight and incredibly hygienic.

Bagless Vacuum

These are less expensive than bagged vacuums and are eco-friendly. Its filter needs to be cleaned regularly; hence high maintenance is needed.

Cordless Vacuum

This vacuum enables you to move around freely while using it. It uses charged battery to work.

Car adaptor

It is useful when you need to clean your car on long road trips.

Adjustable height

Everyone in your home can use vacuum cleaner due to its this feature. It enables to be used by different heighted people, i.e., children.

It is very important to have basic information before purchasing and using something that can affect and change your life.