Washing Machine

God knows how your life would have been if you didn't own a washing machine! Just imagine how tiresome and exhausting it would be to wash a pile of clothes every week. We think it is really safe to say that your cloth washer is a major supporter when it comes to giving you a hand in household chores.

That's exactly why maintaining your washing machine is crucial. You don't want your precious machine to break down in the middle of a hectic day, leaving a pile of clothes for handwashing. Not to mention how expensive washing machine repairs have become.

If you have a big family, then you certainly can't survive without a machine. And since repairs are bound to cost you a fortune, we suggest you get an appliance insurance for you washing machine right away!

Now even though you might have all the things in place, such as the manufacturer's warranty, the appliance insurance and whatnot, we'd still suggest (only for safety purposes) how not to use your washing machine to extend its life.

1. Don't leave wet clothes in the machine

It is pretty normal to get distracted with other tasks while you are doing your laundry. For instance, you might have to receive an important call, take care of your little one, or cook while doing laundry. While all this is very common during the laundry time, leaving a ton of clothes in the washing machine to attend these tasks is a bad idea. If you leave wet clothes in your machine, they will begin to smell and deteriorate the insides of your unit. So to avoid doing this, you can set a reminder on your phone or stick a note somewhere visible so that you don't leave wet clothes in your machine.

2. Don't choose the wrong setting

The moment you buy a machine, get it insured and then carefully go through its built-in settings. Learn these settings so that you can easily customize them whenever required. You can easily wash most of your clothes on the same kind of typesetting. But some clothes have special settings. If you are in the habit of using the same typesetting for all your clothes, then make sure you remove clothing items that require special settings. You will either have to wash these clothes alone or in a different batch entirely. By simply segregating your clothes and using the appropriate typesetting, you will be able to extend the life of your washing machine as well as your wardrobe.

3. Don't use too much detergent

We get it. If your clothes are as dirty as a football player's jersey, you get tempted to empty your detergent carton in the machine. But that's where you are going wrong! It is better to wash your dirty load of clothes twice than using double the amount of detergent. Today a lot of washing machines come with a prewash setting that can be put to use. Also, a lot of high-tech washing machines are designed to be energy-efficient and water-efficient.

If you use more than required detergent, then your machine won't be able to properly rinse all that extra soap. The water will remain in your clothes or worse, all the extra detergent will get accumulated in the interiors of your washing machine and jam the components of your unit.

4. Don't wash too many clothes in your machine

Your washing machine is designed to clean only so much load. So if you are a family of 12 and you buy a washing machine that can only handle a family of 4, your machine will wear out much faster than you'd expect. While buying it, don't forget to check the manufacturer's guide to understand your machine's capacity.

Also, if you overstuff your washing machine with overly dirty clothes, your machine will have to bear with excessive wear and tear, especially on its suspensions. Remember that clothing items like denim clothes or thick wool sweater can generally weight and take up a lot of space in your unit compared to clothes made of polyester.

In conclusion

As they say, prevention is better than cure. It is better to take care of your machine now than test its limits to a degree that it stops functioning. While you use your machine with care, don't forget to get it insured. An insurance will make sure all your unit's repairing does not become a burden for you.