Yes – Mousepads are the essential component of the computer which helps to improve the function, mobility and control of a computer mouse. It is also said to be computer pads. It is essential to almost every computer user all over the world.

The mousepad comes in different shapes, colours, and dimensions. It is commonly made up of lesser density rubber composite or fabric, vinyl, plastic, or synthetic fibres; also there are some which are available in genuine leather.

When you are working on the computer, the mousepad is absorbing your blood, sweat, and tears. You might see that when you scratch the pad with your fingers, then it leaves a sign that there is a bunch of nasty stuff hiding in the fabric of pad. So, do you have an idea about how to clean a mousepad?

According to, there are various tips and tricks for cleaning the mouse pad. Don’t to worry – give a read to this article and unfold the question of how to clean the mouse pad. Yes, you can easily clean the mouse pad with the below methods. These methods are very simple even best for cleaning anime mouse pads.

How to Wash a Mousepad – Method 1:

Many people spilt food or drink on their mousepad. If you also fall in the category of people, then follow the below tips:
  • First of all, fill your sink with warm water
  • Pour a small amount of dish soap in it
  • Put your dirty mousepad into this soapy water
  • Allow your mousepad to soak for a few minutes as it helps to loosen up the dirt/food/debris
  • Take a scrub brush or a sponge and begin with rubbing the dirty surface of mousepad in the water. (If you have anime mouse pads then you ought to rub it gently)
  • After rubbing, drain the sink and rinse off the mousepad
  • Finally, leave the mousepad to air dry overnight ( You can also use hair dryer or sunlight to complete drying process)
  • You can repeat this process of cleaning the mouse pad twice or thrice a month.

Aside from the drying time, this method won’t take a long time and even best clean mouse pad immediately. It means you will come to know about how to clean a mousepad within no time!

If you are looking for deeper cleaning, then you can try the second method which is list below.

How to Clean Mouse Pad – Method 2:

If your mousepad is still dirty and even with sink washing didn’t get all of the dirt or stains out, then you can try by throwing the mousepad into the washing machine.
  • Put the mousepad into your washing machine
  • When you put mousepad into the washing machine, then you ought to add a small amount of laundry soap or detergent in it
  • Then, you can customise your washing machine settings to a lighter cycle – Remember that don’t use the hot water to fulfil process of washing a mousepad
  • Allow your washing machine to do its things
  • Finally, take the mousepad out and let it dry overnight – You can also use an air blower to complete the drying process
  • You can repeat this process once a month and get effective results

Most of the washing machines will allow the stunning feature of the water cycle. So, to clean you mousepad uses the cold water, or turn on the warm cold setting, to avoid any damaging of the mousepad.

Both the above methods of cleaning mousepad are quite effective for the following:
  • Anime mouse pads
  • White mouse pad
  • Long mousepad
  • Giant mouse pads
  • Oversize mouse pads
  • Padded mouse pad
Thankfully – you come to know about how to wash a mousepad.