Favicon improves your website

The little detail of the web interface can create a significant impact on the users. It also enhances the recognizability of the website. Favicon is one of these web interface icons that have become a dominant player when it comes to the ranking of your website.

Let us first know what Favicon is?

Have you ever visited your bookmark list to visit a particular webpage, but imagine if the long list of bookmarks is written only in text lines? Horrible, right? This is when Favicon plays an essential role in saving your time to reach to the website that you want to reopen. The word "Favicon" comes from the words "favorite icon." It is a small icon that represents a website similar to the icons present on your mobile phones for several mobile applications. It offers visual support to a website so a user can easily recognize the website he/she wants to surf without worrying much.

Importance of the Favicon icons!!!

We are living in a world where people need to get tons of hourly information basis, and we have data all around us. With the availability of the internet, we have a great number of choices to access the data. You will get options everywhere, from shopping to getting information. With the innovation of the new brands, it has become difficult to keep your customers retained on your website. This is when Favicon plays an important role by giving visual recognition to your website. Have a look at the benefits of the Favicon:

These support the brand awareness of a website

Favicons are used to increase the brand awareness of a website. These works in the same way as a logo of a website does provide recognizability to a website. It is a memorable and catchy element that makes people recognize a website for a long time. In this era of the digital world, it has become very important to stay away from the crowd so your customers can recognize you in the crowd. This is a kind of mascot or logo of your website that makes people remember your website. It is a kind of promotional strategy that works even without the notice of the people.

It improves the web interface's usability

Humans tend to be visual driven creatures that tend to perceive the images more than words. That is why favicons become a great option for all the website administrators. Whenever a user searches your website, he/she can find it easily with the help of the icon while saving his/her time. It will work as a hook that makes the user reach the website. People will start recognizing a general image when they see the image over and over again; therefore, they will start recognizing you.

A better user experience

Now, you will be there to your users if they are searching for you. It helps you to provide them a good user experience. It helps you in providing a better user experience as they can reach you within seconds whenever they want information or products present at your website. They would not forget you in this competitive world where you will get thousands number of options everywhere.

Get trust and credibility from users

If a website does not have a favicon, then only a blank page will be displayed on the home page of the browser. And if the same is on your competitor's website, then you will lose the trust of the customers. Users pass their judgments based on the experience they get through a website. They make their perceptions regarding a website on how professionally it has been created considering the visuals of a website. They will go to websites where they get credibility. A logo or Favicon can win the trust of the people.

It saves the user's time

Users can identify the websites from the bookmarks and history easily with the icons. They can reach to your website without spending much time. For an average user, life becomes easier with the help of the favicons as they can easily recognize the website they want to visit.

So, make sure you use a favicon checker now to see whether your website has implemented Favicon in the right manner to increase the visibility of a website.