Look for in a Neighbourhood

When moving into a new place, most people tend to put more focus on their new home. There’s nothing wrong with this. However, you must also remember that you’ll be a part of a new neighbourhood as well, which is why it’s vital that you choose a good one to live in.

Looking for homes can be exciting. Do research on the neighbourhood, ask around, etc. Whether you plan to rent or purchase a home in that area, you have to know you’re living in a neighbourhood that fits your lifestyle.

To determine this, here are some of the features to look for in a neighbourhood:

1) Lifestyle

As mentioned, a neighbourhood must fit your lifestyle. If you have children, then it’s best to live in an area with bigger homes and a family-friendly community. If you’re single, then a hip apartment downtown works fine. Choose an area that best supports your lifestyle.

2) Crime rate

Consider the crime rate of a neighbourhood before you look for a place to live in. It doesn’t make sense to live in a place where you won’t feel safe.

You can check out how a neighbourhood is evolving and improving through its crime rate. The good news is, you can use crime maps online. Crime maps can show you the types and crime frequency in the area.

3) Access to Hospitals

It’s vital to be prepared for the inevitable. A neighbourhood that is near hospitals creates a sense of calm, peace, and security. This is very important if you have seniors and children with you at home.

4) Public Amenities

Public amenities such as parks, picnic areas, dog parks, bike trails, etc. are useful and appealing for residents. These amenities don’t just make up a good neighbourhood, but it adds property value as well.

However, be mindful of the amenities in the neighbourhood you’re eyeing — some amenities have its downside and can attract the wrong crowd such as public bathrooms.

5) Walkability

If a neighbourhood is only within walking distance to shops, restaurants, etc., the better. Individuals who are not keen on taking public transportation or do not have a car will fit right in. However, property prices in this type of area may be higher, but it sure is worth it. If you have the funds, then why not?

6) Landscaping & Architecture

You want to live in a well-maintained neighbourhood. Check its landscape and architecture. Is it pleasing to the eyes? Does the neighbourhood churn positive feelings inside you? Tree-lined streets and buildings that are free of graffiti shows a well-maintained neighbourhood.

7) Telecommunications

Living in an area with a poor signal is a no-no. Make sure that telecommunications in the area are great. Ask around their internet and cable providers and if these providers work well in the area. In a fast-paced digital world, it’s important to always stay connected. So, choose an area where it will let you connect with others hassle-free.

These are some of the vital features that you should look for when looking for a new neighbourhood to live in. Evaluate the best features of a prospective neighbourhood and match them to your needs.