360° photo

The growth of virtual reality has brought an unexpected innovation in the photography world with a 360° photo. It is one of the latest trends that have taken the social media world by storm. Previously, photography was limited to only one frame, which is taken and reviewed one at a time.

There wasn't much advancement to click large subjects that are wider than the Field of View. But, at 360°, you can take multiple pictures and stitch them together to get a broader view. It gives users a new and impressive way to engage its audience.

People are using this to showcase things like properties, offices, and other locations. And, while the concept is new and you need to buy a 360° camera, there are not many places to show your captured video. So, here are a few popular and free options for you:


With YouTube, you can upload and playback 360° videos on Smartphones, Tablets as well as popular browsers. Also, publishing on YouTube is quite simple; all you need is to upload the content like any other regular video.

The service will automatically recognize that you have uploaded it in 360 and will publish it accordingly. To let your users find 360 videos, create a custom thumbnail with the logo. If you are still having an issue with 360 photo viewer, make sure you have installed the latest version of the browser.


Facebook is one of the best and the easiest platforms to upload 360 videos and photos. Just upload any video, and Facebook will correct it in your feed. All the mid and high-end photos will automatically make you move your phone in the right direction.

Besides, if you are using a browser, hover the mouse on screen or use fingers if you are using a touch screen device. Moreover, you can tag the posts instead of faces in the photos.


With Klapty you can easily create 360° photos and videos for free and unlimited. The platform lets you hire a 360 expert or can let upload videos and photos without any fuss. Besides, you can also filter your photographer personal by search tag, location, date range, and more to filter your best photographer. Sign up easily to upload videos with the Klapty and show your skills and work to the community.


Flicker offers support to 360 photos and can be used to embed photos on other web pages. But, since it takes some time to load images, you might have to wait sometime. Click on the photo and wait some time to a full view of 360 pictures.


Like Facebook, Instagram doesn't offer direct support to 360 photos and videos; you can still post 360 content on IG using your 360° camera. Take a photo in 360, add animation, and upload it.

Google Photos:

If you want to upload a location-specific photo, you can submit them on the Street View app. Open the app and click on tabs like featured (containing 360 pictures from the world), explore (photos of map view), profile (contain photos that you have uploaded), and private (the photos that haven't published).


It specializes in creating 360 videos and photos. You can use them to sell and license images as well for embedding panoramic views on the websites. The 360Cities is also for the people who want to share their content commercially.

While for commercial uploading and selling, you would need a subscription, the non-commercial usage, you can go for free options.

So, now that you know how you can upload your 360 photos, click, upload, and show your clients in an impressive way.