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Strong guys and Premier league scores
The “Wolverhampton” has finished last season on a reasonably positive note. The team fought for the whole season and as a result, deserved the 7th place in the Premier league scores. Skeptics considered the effect as a combination of favorable circumstances and predicted a team failure in the next season. In the summer, the team dispatched more than a dozen rental players. The Portuguese coach Espirito Santo relied on his compatriots and acquired:

1.There is no Pedro and Jordan Bruno from Lazio. Cristovan Flavio from Alves.
2. Patrick Coutrone was obtained from Milan.
3. Other acquisitions of Shabani Meritan from Bayern and Mayung Ngolu Siriak from the French Lyon have not yet been announced for the Premier League matches.
There is a practice of coaching young players on leases, but as Mircea Lucescu said in one of his interviews: “If you give a player out, you can assume you lost him, he forgets team spirit.”

We will not argue with Mr. Lucescu. We just note that in the Premier league scores, this practice gains fruit, and gives the “wolves” excellent chances to cling to European cups this season. The idea to buy the rights to Raul Jimenez turned out almost to be the most successful in recent years.