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Sports is a vast and diverse field. Several global competitions are being organized in various sports. Hence, it’s very challenging to keep up with all the sporting events and news.

As a sports enthusiast, you will spend hours reading the newspaper, or visiting various web sites to watch your favorite teams and players. Yet, sporting software can achieve the same much quicker.

Whether you are a football fan, soccer lover or a tennis enthusiast, the App Store and Play Store provide various sports apps to keep fans up to date. American Sports News is a sports news website that reports primarily on American sports, but also on worldwide sports.

We aim to provide sports lovers with unbiased sports reviews and interesting articles on sporting events. Here are the best apps for sports update and events for your mobile:

1. NFL Mobile

There is no better app than the official NFL Mobile if National Football League Interests you. The NFL app offers its users daily scores, updates, clips, photographs and so much more. Since many clubs have direct coverage, the users can access the streaming of seasonal games, Pro & Super Bowl, playoffs, and the NFL Network.

An NFL user can use the Airplay or Chromecast device when watching a requested clip or live content. But, the NFL App does have limitations. It does not authorize exports via HDMI, Chromecast, AirPlay or Miracast. And it does not allow broadcasting from other live gaming devices to external displays.

2. MLS

MLS is an official, live score software for soccer. The app shows descriptions, live scores, match dates, feedback, and on-demand video apps on the screen. Users can display pictures, videos, match scores, and league game start-ups.

Customizations allow you to keep up with your favorite teams and players. This app can show crucial moments and highlights of the match. With live scores, visual history, dynamic designs, and different stat views; the all-new Match Centre brings matches to life. The MLS Fantasy users have unique features and functionality at their disposal with this app.


ESPN is a multinational company specializing in sports and entertainment. All sports fans recognize its Sports and Entertainment programming. ESPN covers sports events far and beyond the United States. Its distributed throughout the globe. This app provides up-to-date information, news and live games from all major sports leagues, including cricket, football, basketball, and many more.

ESPN offers subscriptions that encourage you to live-stream mobile videos. This app provides a broad array of sports information, news and expert analysis for teams and leagues.

4. LiveScore

LiveScore has provided game scores in real-time since 1998. Instead of reviewing the match or player in detail, the LiveScore app concentrates only on scores and ratings. It provides team stats and scores clearly and comprehensively. You can choose and modify your favorite sport at will.

The app covers football, baseball, soccer and hockey statistics. But, it does not include baseball ratings.

5. Yahoo Sports

This app is very popular among sports fans. It uses the geolocation of the user to customize sports news and analysis of various sports tournaments and leagues. You can modify the Yahoo! Sports software by selecting your favorite teams, divisions, and games.

Yahoo Sports App includes several apps for reading stories of sports fans, commentators and buffs. You can link your preferences with mobile devices to get a similar experience by logging in with your registered Yahoo account.

6. FOX Sports

The main function of FOX Sports is to provide sports coverage, statistics, and updates for sports lovers. The app also offers a unique feature called “Informative Warning” which can be configured for sports or activities. The app can also give group Game Warnings.

This app uses the current location and offers regional sports news. It also covers the NFL, College Football, NBA, basketball, baseball, MLB and other sports competitions. Facebook and Twitter users, have to register to use this app.

7. Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report helps you to stay up-to-date with the latest news from your favorite teams or players. Like other apps, your notifications are filtered based on your chosen teams, players or celebrities.

The app offers real-time updates from various online outlets based on the selections made by the user. These outlets give users the latest sports news, statistics and images from the print media, forums and web portals.

You may set up the category "My teams" to use specific data for your favorite teams. The incorporation of the social network is excellent, anything can be shared. Notices for fire updates are also available.

8. CBS Sports

CBS Sports lets you customize ranking, reports, stats, and analytics to your specific requirements. The app also helps you to stream live sports for many games, including NCAA Basketball and the PGA Tour.

Users may also access enjoyable features such as videos, skilled testing and other related projects on request. Moreover, CBS Sports Radio is a live broadcast service that viewers can use for a great video sharing experience via CBS Sports HQ Network.

9. theScore

theScore is a digital media corporation located in Canada. It provides one of the best sport gaming features for the iPhone. Furthermore, it includes the Android-based Apple Watch software. The app includes real-time stats, scores, news, and relevant sports. It also sends you notifications when the game begins, or when your location changes, etc.

Notifications are configured for major sports: football, cricket, basketball, soccer, golf, boxing, mixed martial arts, races, and lacrosse. Mute Alerts feature sets brief alerts for a specific game to keep the fans free from spoilers. All notices are categorized; You can change leagues and rankings. You can also add the schedule of your favorite team to the calendar and set auto-refresh time from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

10. BBC Sport

BBC Sport is famous for its sports reporting and analysis. Football, Formula 1, baseball, cricket, tennis, and golf are the most important games of the App. It allows monitoring almost everything from archery to rowing by tying news briefs to specific resources. Another advantage of this app is that the software provides a lot of content, especially interviews and clips on the sporting world. You should set up your news alerts and game updates so you won't miss any upcoming live events.


There are plenty of apps in the App Store and games in the Game Store to keep you engaged with your favorite sport. Every community and league can keep up with athletes’ data, results and match schedules, which can make it far more entertaining to be a part of the global sports festivities.