Benefits Of Golf

Golf is a classic and ageless game that pose many benefits. It is enjoyed by millions of seniors not just for the social advantages but also for health benefits and the mental challenge linked to the game. Even though the pace and distance of every shot may be lesser as opposed to when you were younger, the fun side of the game remains unchanged.

Physical Advantages

An average golfer walks about four miles during the eighteen holes in the game. This is excellent exercise when you combat the different terrains of a course. According to research from Golf Digest Magazine, a golfer can burn over 1400 calories walking the eighteen holes and about 850 calories riding in a cart. 

Walking a course assists with building muscle strength, increasing endurance, and enhancing cardiovascular function, which is all substantial health benefits when you age. If an eighteen-hole course proves to be a bit much, you can always opt for a nine-hole course. 

Besides building lower body strength and walking, a golf swing in itself can advance core muscle strength. The dominant muscle groups in a golf swing are your core region, and strengthening this area is essential for preventing lower back pain. A golf swing can build muscles in the buttocks, chest, back, and forearms. Have a look here for the best golf clubs for seniors. For those who are looking for a sport suitable for seniors where you can have fun and have a workout, golfing is an excellent option.

Mental Advantages

Golf entails precise mental calculations that include grass depth, ball location, green speeds, wind direction, slope, etc. It is a splendid method of keeping your mind strong. When seniors age in retirement, they don’t often come across the same strategic thinking as they would in the workplace; therefore, golf is a viable option to keep the brain fit. 

Golf releases endorphins that can help with boosting the mood and overall wellbeing. With the release of these endorphins, it can assist with stress relief. This sport also teaches the value of patience and controlling one’s emotions to avoid sending the mental factor of the game into a nose-dive.

Social Advantages

Only a tiny percentage of golfers really ever achieve low handicaps, which means they must rely on the more significant areas of the game to offer enjoyment, for instance, the social influence. Playing golf is all about relaxing and having a great time with friends. 

When we continue to age, it becomes a challenge to stay connected with friends. Regular golf outings can assist with building and maintaining relationships with existing friends and even making new ones. Mental stimulation outside your regular home-life with fellow like-minded individuals is essential for personal health.


Golfing is not just a hobby for the young of mind, body, and soul. As seen in this post, this sport offers valuable physical, mental, and social benefits for individuals, irrespective of their age. There is also a broad selection of golfing equipment available on the market for improving your game.