Weddings can be a very expensive event. Even with budgeting, the final price tag can come as a bit of a surprise. The best way to get the most out of your money is to figure out which areas to spend on and which to splurge on. 

Here are a few of our best tips:

Where to splurge…

The Ring

It’s a piece of jewelry that you’ll - hopefully - wear on your finger for the rest of your life, and if the jewelry isn’t something that you’re a fan of or wear usually, then it needs to be special and perfect enough that you enjoy wearing it. Think about the engagement ring that’s currently on the finger as ideally, you’ll want that to match up with the style, design, and color of it. Wedding rings don’t need to patch as they can be tailored to the individual. When shopping for a wedding ring, it’s good to know your ring sizes ahead of time so that you can go straight in and start requesting the rings that are available in your size. Have a budget in mind but know that this may likely be the most expensive piece of jewelry that you own. Enjoy this process as it’s one part of the wedding that you can enjoy doing together.

The Wedding Venue

Wedding venues are important because they then become the places where you said ‘I do’ and was the starting point for a new chapter in your lives. A wedding venue is likely to feel a bit like buying a property for the first time. You want to ensure that it has everything you need for the big day and that all aspects of what you want are there and available to you. The cost of wedding venues is likely to be the most expensive in terms of what you’re paying for the wedding. Usually, the wedding venue is something that you’ll pay off in installments, with the final bill being taken a few months before the big day.

The Food And Drink

If you want to make your wedding day memorable, then food and drink are two big aspects of the wedding that your guests will remember. Try not to focus on all the dietary requirements, as the caterers will very much look after those individual requirements. It’s all about you want when it comes to the food but keep in mind what your guests are more favorable of. If you know that a lot of guests will not like certain types of food, then it’s good to go with the food that most tend to enjoy. With the drinks, make sure you have a good selection of alcohol and enough for the evening. Check that there’s plenty of wine for the tables and that there’s a free glass of fizz for toasts and for the initial start before the wedding ceremony begins.

Where to save…

Groom Party Attire

The groom’s party attire is one area in which you can save money. That’s because you can rent a lot of wedding suits for men and if what you’re planning on going with for a color theme is not what they’d usually wear, it’s better to rent it than to waste money on outfits that are likely never to be worn again.

The Flowers

With some parts of the wedding, there are things that are only used for the wedding once before they go sour. That might be the cake and more significantly, the flowers. Yes, flowers look very beautiful on a wedding day, but you don’t need to go spending thousands on these flowers that are just going to end up dying. If you’re going to buy lots of flowers, at least give some for the guests to enjoy or to a local old people’s home. Otherwise, keep it basic.

Accessories For The Bride

And finally, accessories for the bride can be made more affordable. Resist the urge to but it all from the bridal shop and instead look elsewhere, perhaps it’s even something that you can borrow from close family.

Knowing where to splurge and where to save can be very financially beneficial when saving for your wedding. So find ways that you can be more cost-effective.