Destination Wedding

You can seize the day of your dreams with a destination wedding far from all your worries and cares at home. Getting away from it all to get hitched feels like eloping, but bringing people you love most along. It can be memorable and cost less.

However, it does require planning and perspective. These tips will help couples manage mistakes people can make for weddings near and far from home.

Visit the location in advance.

Vacationing allows more freedom to discover local colors and flexibility to change plans. A destination wedding is a form of vacation or travel where unknowns will be costly.

You will save from a combination of wedding and honeymoon as well as hidden costs like transporting the party from the ceremony to reception venues. Transfer these savings to a quick trip to the location beforehand whenever possible.

  • Meet the critical staff for your day, including clergy and event site managers you will depend on.
  • Enjoy cake and food tastings to create your dream menus.
  • Set a realistic vision of the environment you have to pull off the event.
  • Meet potential local vendors.

Hire locals for all extra vending.

Destination wedding packages vary considerably. Some offer basic ceremonies only. Others extend to options like a cocktail hour and favors. When a destination site or service plan does not include your must-haves, use locals rather than try to do it yourself or import vendors. Use these location-based professionals if necessary.
  • Florists.
  • Personalized Favor Services.
  • Tuxedo and Suit Rental Services.
  • Makeup Artists, Hairstylists, and Manicurists.
  • Same-Day or Emergency Dry Cleaners and Steamers.

Travel with the attire, rings, and more.

The wedding dress and rings, especially, should join the required prescriptions to travel with you. It is better to take a daylong train ride to stow a clothing in ample space than a ship or check it at airports to risk delays and loss. For more exotic and faraway dreams, an upgrade to a first-class flight or extra travel insurance can provide priority handling to mitigate risks of separating from the dress.

Arrive before your guests.

Family and friends will be bubbling over with excitement. Be poised, and rested to enjoy it! Coming just a day or two before guests descend will help couples settle in and address last-minute priorities.

Give guests a tip sheet.

Think of your guests ahead of time. After all, they are also traveling away from home. Don't leave them to search engines.

Ask if the destination wedding site or coordinator has a ready-made brochure for nearby hotels, restaurants, and activities. If not, create one. Pipestone Golf Weddings is an example of built-in activities right where everyone enjoys the wedding. Consider kid-friendly fun and meals if necessary.

Keep members of the wedding close.

Vacationing loosens people up. Relatives and friends who have not seen each other in ages or members on their first getaway in years could get carried away with the joy of it all. Help the bridal party stay focused and on time with lodging in one place for all of them. The team will work better together if they do not need a car or a journey to do so.

Still, plan the honeymoon.

For most couples, the wedding's destination memories continue. They take advantage of their group elopement to cut costs or exhaustion from a separate honeymoon.

Plan the honeymoon magic in advance, just like weddings. This will help you indulge the sandy beaches and historic or tourist attractions that drew you to the destination.