WhatsApp is one of the well known instant messaging apps in the entire world. One of the things it is mostly used for is its groups' feature. WhatsApp groups can be set up by any WhatsApp users to discuss anything in the world.

Recently, WhatsApp introduced new features to lock the app behind the user’s fingerprint as an additional security measure. Now, it’s adding yet another privacy-centric innovation that gives WhatsApp users around the world more power over who can and cannot add them to group chats. 

The feature enables users to select if everyone, all contacts, or specific contacts can add them to group chats. Initially, WhatsApp had an option for users to say nobody could add them to groups. But after some feedback, it decided to fold the functionality to block everyone into the “My contacts except…” option.

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People without the ability to add certain WhatsApp users to group chats can still send private invites to those users. The user then has three days to accept or decline the invite.

WhatsApp introduces new group chat privacy settings

Once you receive the latest app update, you can enable this WhatsApp group chat privacy feature by heading to the app settings. Then navigate to Account>Privacy>Groups. Here, users can select who can add them to group chats.

Setting Up a Group On WhatsApp

  • Go to the CHATS tab in WhatsApp.
  • Tap More options and click on New group.
  • Select or search from your contacts to add to the group. Then touch the green arrow.
  •  Enter a group name, which is the group subject, and the limit for the group subject is 25 characters. They're also an option of adding by tapping on an Emoji already embedded in WhatsApp.
  • Also, you can add an icon to the group by tapping the Camera icon. Options are made available for you to use your phone Camera, Gallery pictures, or Search Web to add an image. The icon will appear next to the group when you are done.
  • Go for the green checkmark when you're done.

Utilizing WhatsApp Links

You automatically become the group admin for creating the WhatsApp group, and you can invite people to join a group by sharing a link with them. Listed below are the procedures to share the invite link of a group:
  • Click the group subject by opening the WhatsApp group chat. Similarly, You can also tap and hold the group in the CHATS tab. Then tap More options and then click on Group info.
  • Click on Invite via the link. You will then get an encrypted connection that you can share around.
  • You either choose to share the link via another app, copy the link, or share with WhatsApp contacts. QR code is also used in sharing WhatsApp group links by tapping More options and then Print group QR code. If sending via WhatsApp, search for contacts or choose contacts from your phone, then Send
  • The admin can Revoke the WhatsApp group link at any time to invalidate the previous invite link and create a new connection.

All WhatsApp users you share an invite link with can join the group. There are tendencies for them to forward the link to other WhatsApp users who can also join the group directly without any approval from the group admin. Only two hundred and fifty-seven persons are allowed to enter a WhatsApp group.

You might want to consider muting the sound from WhatsApp group chats, so your phone is not always pinging. This doesn't stop new message notifications but only the number of unread notifications next to the WhatsApp logo. You can then read the messages in your free time.


  •  Information is shared quickly with the WhatsApp group. Company News, Business strategies, training materials, time-sensitive data, and lots more can be shared by management using a WhatsApp group.
  • Whatsapp groups make communication with many people at the same amazingly and straightforward compared to emails.
  • It improves our brain function by enhancing our reading skills and also or English language as we read daily from them