Potentially Treat PCOS
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Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS is a reproductive condition that affects a woman’s hormone levels. Typically, women with this condition produce higher than normal levels of male hormones. In turn, it causes women to have irregular menstrual cycles, either prolonged or none at all. Additionally, PCOS also makes it hard for women to get pregnant or bear a child. While the exact cause or root of PCOS is still unknown, early diagnosis, treatments, and weight management plans can help reduce the risk of further medical complications, which include diabetes and heart diseases.

It’s no surprise to come across women battling PCOS eat so much healthy food choices, try to manage and lose weight, and overhaul a completely unhealthy lifestyle into a healthier and more active one. This is a common and initial response once you’re diagnosed with PCOS. The very first thing to do is create a better lifestyle ahead of you. Reduce or completely eliminate unhealthy food intake and engage more in activities that’ll make you sweat and lose weight. However, while some women do this, it’s also no surprise that their PCOS still hasn’t declined, or none of these things ever mattered at all.

This is precisely why a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women is one of the best and most common choices of women who are diagnosed with PCOS. But, before learning more about the different ways a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy could potentially treat PCOS, you should first be able to understand what the treatment actually is, what it is for, or who can benefit from it.

What is A Bioidentical Hormone Replacement?

A bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT is the process of producing an exact replica of the human body’s [lost] hormones and replacing it through procedures. Normally, the human body possesses hormones that play an important role in managing and controlling a person’s mood or emotions, feelings, appetite, and weight. These hormones are also called as “chemical messengers,” which, from the name itself, are those that transmit signals or messages to the brain.

As mentioned, hormones are highly important. Too much or too little production of these can cause hormone imbalance. As a result, an individual can either experience physical medical conditions or unstable emotional and mental health.

A BHRT brings back the natural balance of an individual’s hormones. Alongside that, it also helps restore one’s youthful glow. For women with PCOS, it’s also possible to undergo a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, given that it’s prescribed by a medical professional or a doctor, and not just by any random “medical” personnel or representative.

Raising Progesterone Levels

Having PCOS only means women have fewer or lower levels of the progesterone hormone. With the use of bioidentical hormones, women can improve this hormone imbalance by raising or increasing their progesterone levels.

For one, bioidentical hormones are NOT synthetic; hence, it’s safe. The common misconception is that bioidentical hormones are similar to synthetic hormones, which can cause cancer and other heart diseases in the long run. From the name itself, bioidentical hormones are replicas or identical to a human body’s original (but lost) hormones. These are made out of safe, botanical sources such as yam. Once the body takes it in, the body recognizes it as the same hormones produced within your system. In short, your body never treats it as an alien or a foreign substance; whereas synthetic hormones are more likely to be treated as such.

Hormone Regulation

Once the body recognizes these hormones, women are then advised to stop taking it in or going through BHRT procedures. This is to allow your body to fully adapt to these new hormones and regulate its own [hormonal] cycle. In turn, hormone imbalances start to diminish, and in no time, you’ll feel good as new.

More than anything, BHRT helps reverse all symptoms of PCOS. Over time, your [natural] hormone levels start to improve, and you wouldn’t even have to worry about PCOS, its disadvantages, and risks anymore.

Wrapping Up

Battling PCOS is not easy, let alone becoming victorious over it. But, there will always be ways or alternatives available to overcome your PCOS and live a normal and healthy life, a life that you deserve. At first, it can appear intimidating. If anything, it can get quite challenging. But all it’s really going to take are enough strength, courage, and perseverance. After all, PCOS alone doesn’t have to dictate how you should live your life. With proper research and a lifestyle change, you can get through this medical condition and even possibly reverse its symptoms. Nothing is impossible!

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