Reduce Wastes

Modern Technologies has made people's life much easier than ever. However, such an advanced lifestyle has its pros and cons. Speaking of which the amount of waste to be disposed of every day has increased greatly. In this article, you will learn about the tips on how you can help in making a difference in your environment. Whether you’re at the office, home, school, or on-the-go, there are opportunities to reduce wastes. You can do this by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Here are the

Solutions on Waste, Recycling and Processing Recyclable Materials tips that you can try now:

Tips you can do at Home

Your home is the best place to start making a difference. First, you can make compost at your home. Use the yard trimming, food scraps, and other organic wastes to make a compost pile. This can help the garden soil increase its water retention. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, save the ashes and mix it into your compost heap to provide nutrients to your garden.

You can use insulation which is made of glass, paper, and other recovered materials. Make sure to clean the toys, tools, and furniture to protect them from damage. Turn off your lights during daylight when it is not in use. As you do this, you can save energy and help your light to last longer.

Host a garage sale to sell your old clothes, toys, appliances, and books that you no longer need. When moving to a new place, wrap the fragile materials with old newspapers.

Properly dispose of the non-recyclable items that you will not need. Find the hazardous collection facilities near your area to dispose of the automotive supplies, paints, and other hazardous items.

For cleaning your house, you can buy reusable sponges, rags, or mops. As you use the cleaning products, make sure that you use the exact amount you need. Follow the bottles’ directions on how to use it.

Tips you can do at Schools

Indeed, teachers, parents, and students can all make a difference in wastes reduction at schools. Practice the 3 Rs which are reduced, reuse, and recycle and do our part.

Before starting the school year, make sure that you check the last year’s materials. There are items that you can still reuse and recycle. Buy school supplies from recycled products. Save colored papers, egg cartons, and other items for arts and crafts. Look for other ways that can help you reduce the amount of packaging that you will dispose of.

If you bring your food to school, place it in reusable containers instead of disposable containers. Carry your drinks in reusable bottles or thermos instead of disposable cartons or bottles.

When buying food, grab only the portion that you can finish. Too many ketchup packets and napkins will only be wasted.

Tips you can do at Work

Finally, here are some Solutions on Waste, Recycling and Processing Recyclable Materials tips that you can do at your work. Engage your coworkers to buy green products that can help reduce wastes. Instead of printing hard copies of your documents, you can save them on your drive and email them. Pay the bills via e-billing programs to save paper. Use paperclips over staplers as much as possible.

Buy recycled paper and have a recycling bin at your office. Buy energy-efficient items to make your office eco-friendly.