Kms activator is an official activation tool specially made for the Windows machines which are free of charge. You can use this tool to activate both of your Windows and Microsoft Office products on your computer. By using such a tool, you will never face any problems or disturbances, throughout the activation process. 

The latest version of the software allows you to activate Windows or Microsoft Office without paying a cent of money. The user-friendly interface of this software makes you more comfortable when you are working with it.

This is the best activation tool available on the internet which is 100% safe and secure. Thus, you can use it without any doubt of viruses or malware and any threat to your personal information on your computer.


I’m pretty sure now you are eagerly looking for the features of such an amazing tool. Now, it’s the best time for it. Have a great look at the following exclusive features of this awesome activator. Once you read it, you will never miss using such an incredible tool, as your Windows activation tool.

·         A Lifetime Solution

Kmspico is not like other activation tools available on the internet, as it provides you a lifetime solution. In other words, it’s a permanent activation tool, without any trial periods. In such a situation, you will be never asked to activate it over again, after some time. Once you activate it on your             computer, you have already done it!

·         Genuine Windows Activation

The activation of Windows through the Kmspico is almost similar to the     activation done by the Microsoft company. This tool is guaranteed that the     Windows activation is 100% genuine. If you are using KMSPico, you don’t need to worry about the purchasing of the license key to activate Windows.

·         Secure and Virus Free

This is the only activation tool that is 100% safe and secure to use by the users. It is free from malware or virus. It will never harm or steal your personal information from your computer.


You can download this amazing toolkit by just following the following steps.
1.     First, click on the download Link - Windows Activator
2.     Then, it redirected you to the Download page
3.     Then, can see another download button and click on that.