Composting Toilets are environment-friendly toilets. You can get a composting toilet at your home or office bathroom. But you may want to know more about composting toilet before buying it. Here we will give each and every detail about Best Composting Toilet to provide you more clarity. Composting Toilet is the best alternative of any regular toilet, but there are important points you need to know about a composting toilet.

What is Composting Toilet?
Composting Toilet is a little different than regular toilet. The regular toilet flushes away all wastes to main drain, while composting toilet keeps the waste in a bin attached with it. After a few weeks, the wastes collected are transformed to fertilizers. This process makes the composting toilet very useful and environment-friendly.

How does a Composting Toilet Work?
Composting Toilet has two separate bins or cabins, one for liquid waste and the other for solid waste. You need to empty the liquid waste bin every week or two weeks based on your usage and capacity of toilet. The solid waste gets collected in other bin of toilet and it need to be emptied only when the bin is full. Most toilets come with two bins for solid waste, so you can replace the full bin with an empty bin.

Cost of Composting Toilet
Everybody wants to get a composting toilet, but not everyone can afford it. The composting toilet price starts from 0 or higher and goes to 00+. On the other hand, regular small toilet costs around 0 per piece which is quite affordable. So you must have enough money before you think to buy a composting toilet. In case you find a composting toilet at cheaper price, make sure it belongs to a good brand and provides a good quality toilet.

Is Composting Toilet Legal or Illegal?
Composting Toilets are good for its users and nature, but legality issues are still there. At some places, the composting toilet is allowed to use at home and office and it's also prohibited at several places. Therefore we recommend you visit your nearby city/county municipal office to know whether the composting toilet is legal in your area. You should buy and install a composting toilet in your bathroom only if it's legal and allowed by the law.
Size and Height of Composting Toilet
Regular Toilet comes in two to three different heights i.e. standard height, right height and extra tall height. Among these types, the extra tall toilets are 20 to 21 inch which are exceptional. If you are looking for a small toilet, it should be 14 to 15 inch in height. Most composting toilets come with standard height, but you will find some toilets in right height too.

Problems with Composting Toilet
Composting Toilet is easy to use, but it requires your attention. You have to maintain it properly or it may create troubles for you. In case you don't empty it time to time, it will probably leak or stink which will be more annoying. So maintain it well to get rid of any problem in future.