Adult Content Online

Ever since the internet became popular there has been adult content available online. Now, this is all fine so long as everything is safe, everything is legal and all involved parties are fully consensual. With adult content though we need to be vigilant that the internet is safe for our children, but also ourselves and any vulnerable members of society. So access needs regulation, rules, and protections and these, like everything else, are constantly changing.

Protecting Children From Viewing Adult Content

The first concern that usually comes to mind when thinking of internet safety and access to online content is ensuring that children do not access material they shouldn't when using the internet. This was fairly simple back in the early days of the internet when pretty much all access would be on the family computer which would be in a communal area, firstly you were more likely to be able to physically monitor what they were up to and look over their shoulder. But now there are smartphones, laptops, tablets and even online gaming machines, all can be a concern. Firstly you need to know their passwords and have access to their devices, otherwise, they could be up to anything. Be sure to install parental controls on all their devices. Sites like YouTube Kids has become available on both iOS and Android platforms. It is parental control guide enabled and filtered just for kids. YouTube Kids focuses its content on music, education and other categories. 

Protecting Children From Online Predators

The second great danger to children is the existence of online predators that will put your child in danger of exploitation, abduction or worse. Social media and online gaming are the most dangerous places, so you should be wise to always educate your kids and have them know not to give out personal details and certainly never arrange to meet anyone or send them pictures, especially compromising ones.

Identity Theft & Security

Your own privacy is also key when using the internet. You may have things you look up online, or even activities and work you may want to keep private if you have an income stream performing video chats for a leading website such as For this, you need to be sure that you don't give away your identity as this can lead to criminals accessing your information, including bank accounts. Identity theft is a serious business that can be very difficult to track, prove and get your life back

Privacy Online

We all value our privacy, so be sure that you are careful in all aspects of your life what you do, have you heard of revenge? You do not want to be the victim of this, because although it’s illegal in most places now the embarrassment and stigma will not just disappear.

Illegal Activity

The internet has changed and it’s important, these days, to be sure you are avoiding illegal activities, there are so many dodgy parts of the internet where immoral and illegal things go on. So be sure to not accept invites to activities or sites if you don’t know what they are, especially using the Dark Web which can seem fun and exciting but, although it’s not illegal to browse a lot of the activity there is.