Every parent goes home with a hospital birth record with registration required to complete it. The birth certificate comes in handy for various situations. However, some of these require having a certified copy of your birth certificate. You are likely to find yourself stuck in various circumstances if you don’t have your birth certificate handy. Check out the following things you can’t do without a birth certificate.
Without A Birth Certificate

Register for School

The first situation where you can’t succeed without a birth certificate is need to register for school. A birth certificate is mandatory to register for a class and other forms of higher education. This document confirms your age and identity to ensure you qualify for a particular class. A birth certificate is required when applying for education overseas for proof of age, identity, and nationality. You also have to avail a birth certificate of your child when enrolling them to participate in sports.

Obtain a passport

A passport is an important document when planning to travel in the future. During the application process, a copy of your birth certificate is required. The certificate proves your nationality for eligibility to get the passport. It portrays the capacity in which you are requesting a passport. Additionally, a birth certificate has information about your parents and place of birth to prove geology.

Travel abroad

Apart from a passport, an apostille birth certificate is mandatory to travel abroad. Every country has own travel regulations but availing a birth certificate is inexcusable. Keep in mind that some countries require an apostilled birth certificate. This is why it is very important to have an apostille agency get your certificate legalized for international travel. Immigration authorities request for a copy of a birth certificate as proof of your citizenship.

When traveling with kids, you need copies of both your birth certificates. The certificate, in this case, reveals the relationship with the child. When traveling alone with the child, the birth certificate is backed by an apostilled consent form from the other parent. Traveling with all necessary documents saves a lot of time. You also avoid related stress from too much questioning by immigration authorities. 

Get employed

In the job market, employees might request applicants to include a copy of their birth certificate. Neglecting to meet this criterion automatically disqualifies you from the position. To increase your chances of getting employed in the highly competitive job market, have your birth certificate handy. You can make your birth certificate stand out by having it legalized especially for an international position.

Employers use the birth certificate for proof of age. This ensures hiring people who fit the right age bracket for particular positions. Additionally, knowledge of employees' age allows computing appropriate employee benefits. So, including your birth certificate during the application process increases your chances of getting the job.

Trace genealogy

Without a birth certificate, it is hard to know your family tree. Your birth records are irrevocable proof of parentage. When you lose your birth certificate and other vital documents, taking legal action by your parents is easy. It allows requesting vital records on your behalf. Information about your parents on your birth certificate allows tracing grandparents and great grandparents.

Verify your name

Are you one of those people with an unusual name? You have to get used to the questioning about your named after submitting your documents. Only your birth certificate offers proof of the actual spelling of your name. The birth certificate is necessary for situations where more proof of your other documents is required. This certificate offers concrete evidence that the name on other documents is correct.

Prove relation

For situations that require proving relation to an individual, a birth certificate is required. The easiest way to tell that people are related is by having a similar surname. Only a government-issued and legalized birth certificate verifies the name similarity. Additionally, the birth certificate is essential when traveling with a child alone. Your name on the birth certificate verifies that you are one of the child’s parents. Having the birth certificate handy allows faster transfer through immigration procedures at the airport.

Claim insurance benefits

When claiming insurance benefits, you have to prove identity. Submitting your birth certificate is proof that you are the true beneficially. Proof of identity is necessary when claiming insurance benefits on behalf of a child. The birth certificate offers the appropriate evidence required to prove your relationship with the child. This eliminates worry about fraud and makes the claims process easier and faster.


A birth certificate is a very important document for various situations. To have peace of mind and to avoid disturbances after submission, having your certificate legalized is very important. This makes your birth certificate easily accepted by authorities in foreign countries seamlessly. To get your certificate apostilled, find a reputable organization with experience and expertise in birth certificate aspostillization.