File Converter Tool

The format of a file which is how it is saved or encoded, is the deciding factor in determining which programs or applications can open it. This format can be checked easily while looking at the name’s extension of the file. For your convenience, you can think of each file format as a different language in which specific platforms and applications only run some files. Most of the time, to access a file, you have to convert it into a new format with the help of a file converter, or in the program format, you have to open it.

Our Online Converter Free has made it incredibly easy to convert your files anytime, anywhere. And what’s best is it only takes a moment. You don’t have to worry about the file format anymore; we support over 20 different formats of files in Audio, Video, Archive, Documents, and Images. We help you save time and have a seamless conversion without worrying about any additional costs of file conversion.

Check the format of your files.

More often than not, the applications you work with will let you save the file in different formats. For example, if you are working with MS Word, you can save the file in different formats or extensions to open them with that particular application. Similarly, Google Docs will also allow you to save the file in various formats. But, it often happens that you don’t have the tool or the application with which your file will be opened; in this case, an online file converter can answer all your conversion queries.

For videos

You can always go right with our online video converter for all your video conversion needs. We offer video conversion in a variety of popular formats. It is straightforward to convert, you have to give the link of the file you want to convert, and the file will be converted online for you, which you can download to view later. The large selection of formats will help you pick the application or tool already installed in your system with which you want to open the file.

For images

Image conversion has never been this easy and reliable before. We offer you the best online image conversion with supreme quality so that you can enjoy the sharpness of the image in any format whatsoever. We also let you resize your image and the pixel count if you want a less sharp picture than the original one. If you are the type of person who likes to get the work done immediately without any hassle, then our online image converter is the one for you. With many formats, you’ll find image conversion faster and more straightforward than anywhere else.

For audio

If you want to convert some .mp3 files to a .flv format just because your media player isn’t supporting it, don’t worry. We have got you covered. Now, with our online audio converter, you can convert any audio file you want into the format of your choice. We support the popular formats which help in converting almost all kinds of audio files.


Need an important document just before the meeting, but the file format isn’t supportive, don’t panic. With our online file conversion tool, you can easily convert any document into your preferred format. You have to upload and convert the file and later download it for your use. It’s that simple!