solar street light

It is now a common trend to see long rows of street lights now using solar energy to function. Solar street light are becoming the norm with each passing day and it is difficult to avoid jumping on the bandwagon. If you are planning on doing so soon, then you must take in some factors which may have a positive effect or a negative one on your plans. Let's identify some of them, shall we?

Requirements for lighting

Most solar street light would come with LED lights. Now, you would have to choose or decide if you want to use LED lights which are more potent or less. The reason for your choice would hinge on the area you wish to have your solar street light installed. Another aspect you would have to consider the spacing that you would love to have in between your solar street light. Usually, the average spacing would be just about 100 feet. However, if you feel that you are going to have more obstruction, then you should probably factor that in too.

The truth though is that with the help of solar street professionals and experts, you should be able to figure out the best form of lighting to use in line with the spacing and other obstruction which you might face. Make sure you make the best decision.

Requirements for Height

Another thing which you would have to plan for would be the height of your poles. Sometimes, the area which you are planning to have them placed may be littered with trees which can obstruct the flow. You would have to decide whether you would want your solar street panels to be above it or below it. The choice is all yours in that respect.

You would also have to take care of areas which are notorious for being windy. Sometimes, poles which are used for solar panels might find it hard to handle the enthusiastic winds that may blow across the region. It is important to have this mind. The best option here would be to go for solar street light which have been made specifically to withstand the force of the wind.


Now, the whole idea of a solar street light would be useless if there was no sunlight. It would, therefore, be an activity in futility if you place a solar street light or panel in an area which is not in direct contact with the sunlight. Simply put, the solar street light would have tremendous issues with recharging during the day and you would likely see a decrease in the output of that pole during the night. However, while considering these factors, it is also important to remember that most solar street light would only make require a certain proportion of the sunlight which comes in during the day before they can work effectively.

So you would have at least two options when it comes to positioning your solar street light to get enough sunlight. You would have the option of completing moving the venue of your street light to somewhere there is direct sunlight. You would also have the option to either remove the obstacle or avoid it. For example, you could trim the trees which are obstructing you.

The activity of the area

Another aspect which you would have to consider is how much activity goes on in that area at night. Some areas are prone to more night activities and this would lead to more energy being used by your solar street lights. As you have already noticed, street lights tend to go off at times when they want to conserve energy. However, if you are going to set up your solar-powered street lights in busy areas, then you would need to bear in mind that the street lights might never see the opportunity to go off throughout the night.

Benefits of using solar street light

Another aspect of things you should know would be the benefits which you would derive from using solar street light. Here are some of the benefits;

Fewer issues with the environment

Having solar street light would be a boost to the environment. Since the energy used for electricity would most likely be gotten from the sun, the emission of toxic gases would be avoided. This would contribute to the rehabilitation of the environment and would promote good health among people living in a particular area.

Fewer issues with theft

Another issue which would be avoided would theft. With the more conventional street lights, there is a higher chance of theft in some ways. Thieves would usually go for components which make up the street lights. These components are usually very portable This often makes cables easy targets. Solar street light make use of solar panels. What this means is that you would hardly see a cable in sight. The options left to thieves would be very limited.


Now, the risks which come with the traditional street lights would include accidents. There is always an exposed wire somewhere or something with a traditional street light which makes people wary about it. With solar street light, things are a bit more relaxed. The elements which were more likely to cause accidents such as electrocution are not present in the solar street lights. While contributing to the advantages of solar street light, it also makes the street safer for people to go about their normal business.


Solar street light can be likened to a moving train. There is no way to get on a moving train unless you get on it from the very beginning. This is the time to get a solar street light. DEL Illumination would be a great place to get solar street light. They have a wide array of lights to choose from which would surely be fascinating. So make sure that you take steps to stay abreast with the changes that are coming to street lights.