If you don’t want your aquarium to be filled with dead fish or getting plastic, then choose a filter that performs as intended to should be your top priority. With plenty of filters available online, the challenge relies on finding a suitable one that matches your aquarium size and setup.

It is where Fluval 306 stands proud with its multi-stage filtration system that can filter aquarium as big as 300 liters. This filter goes well with both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

Water Flow

If you want your aquarium to stay clean for a more extended period, you should consider choosing a filter that has an airflow level compatible with your aquarium. The requirement of airflow level varies depending on the size of the inhabitants that the aquarium is holding. Aquarium holding big fishes usually requires more airflow and lower airflow is needed for smaller ones.

Thankfully, Fluval 306 comes in four distinct sizes, each having increasing flow rates and variety in filtering capacities. Pick one that suits your aquarium best and stay hassle-free as Fluval 306 keeps it clean.

Leakage Prevention

Often aquarium filters suffer leakage problems causing big trouble for you. A leaky filter will leak water out and also will suck in air, resulting in malfunction of the filtration system. Ultimately, this can cause you a lot of money and effort to get the filter functioning again.

Fluval 306 canister filter has a patented Aquastop Valve, which prevents water leakage like a champ. With this feature in action, you don’t have to worry about water leakage anymore. It can stop water leakage without the necessity of disconnecting the hoes and eliminating the chance of causing a mess.

Noise Reduction

Having an aquarium in your living room can make you feel calm and soothing as it imitates the aquatic environment filled with plants and marine life. You don't want to disrupt this tranquility with an aquarium filter that produces a loud noise. Neither do you want to pay for a piece of equipment, which will make you stressed rather than giving you a sense of peacefulness?

Fluval 306 is here to the rescue as its bearing has been precisely engineered to reduce impeller vibration, ultimately leading to quieter operation. Enjoy your tranquility and sense of refreshment getting back home from a tiresome day without a noisy filter disturbing your peace of mind. 

Cleaning & Maintenance

Filter’s job is to keep your fish tank clean by purifying the water inside of it. To make sure the filter is performing well from time to time, it needs cleaning too. Maintaining your aquarium filter will increase its longevity and keep the performance consistent.

To make your life easier, Fluval 306's one-motion lock clamps make it effortless to attach and detach the filter in the aquarium. Performing routine cleaning and maintenance will be a piece of cake for you having this filter around. Clicking Canister Filter Hub to know more info about Aquarium Canister Filter. Here you will find all the Single Details of various kinds of Canister filter with accessories.