Being a property manager, a regular inspection of rented properties is a brilliant idea. If it's not done frequently, you may miss some severe problems that could notice in the future. As a result, your tenants might find new ones. So how often should you inspect a property rental?

It’s a good idea to involve your inspection policy and measures in the lease contract agreement. With this, you can enable to inspect not only the exterior but also the interior properties of each tenant. It is because tenants have the right not to allow anyone to enter their respective premises. If you come without their permission, you open yourself to higher risk. A 24 hours' notice before entering a rental unit must be required to serve your tenant. It should state in the note when and why you intend to join the group.

Below is a list of recommended time to visit and inspect a rental property:
1.   When a new occupant moves in
It is also called a move-in inspection. It is required to have a pre-inspection together with the new occupant to help document any problems with the property. One common and efficient way to record the condition of the property is by using a free inspection. These modern tools provide the use of voice recording and image uploads. This way, you can record the condition of the property as a whole and each room in particular. The objective of this is to ensure you don't forget any crucial details. You can compare the condition of the property before and after.
2.       When checking of maintenance issue
One of the most usual jobs of a property manager is to perform a random maintenance check. A daily plan inspection with tenants is an excellent way to figure out how everything is going. By doing this, you can minimize your property from depreciating because of mismanaging issues and concerns. Some of the common problems we encounter during the routine inspection are:
  • safety and security of the occupants in the property
  • molds that accumulate around kitchen and bathrooms
  • air conditioning system are fully functional
  • all appliances are working.
Also, it's an excellent way to strengthen your relationship between the tenants. As a result, they tend to stick for a while because they are happy and satisfied with your maintenance supervision.
3.   When a tenant moves out
It happened when a tenant decided to move out of the rental space. It will guide you to determine the condition of the property before the occupant leaves. Make sure to check the interior property of the unit mainly. If the existing tenant provides unnecessary damage to the property, they need to rectify it first before giving them clearance to leave the property.
In general, inspections and daily random checking are vital aspects of property management. A simple 10 minutes random inspection to your property could help you a lot to counteract significant expenses in the future. Together with modern tools and the right team, it's easier and much faster to monitor the current condition of your properties. If you need a professional consultation regarding the inspection of property rentals, choose Mission Beach Property Management.