In fact, both the ability and the diploma are important and the ability is important. This is basically not questioned. Needless to say, the following focuses on why the diploma is important.

When you are looking for a job interview, your academic qualifications are a stepping stone. You have high education and a good school. Just go knocking on the door, but if you don't have a degree, you have to take your work to the door, and you can't open it. You still have to look at your work too hard, but when you enter the interview door, you have to rely on your true skills.

Maybe you will say that high academic qualifications are not necessarily capable. Yes, you know the problem. You think the interviewer is a fool. I don't know. And why, when many large companies are recruiting, they must also limit the school to a prestigious university. Is the master's degree or doctor's degree?

Although in the end, the ability is the most important. When you enter a certain company, you basically don't look at your education. But you have a high degree of education, a prestigious school, you can basically judge where your ability will not go bad. It can also be said that education is an auxiliary proof of ability. From a probabilistic point of view, a person with a high degree of education and a famous school is not qualified for a certain job. Basically, there is no need to talk about people with low education in ordinary schools.

Therefore, the academic school is still very important. Otherwise, if there is a person who has the ability and has no education, who can not even have bricks, how can he open the door to employment? Your ability, others have no chance to know. It is easy to become a "grass hero" buried. Maybe this is the rules of the game for finding a job. If you understand the rules, you will be more relaxed. If you don't follow the rules and you can't get a good work, you have to prepare yourself to be rejected. Don't talk about social reality, because society is such a reality.

For 90% of the students, I ask you, what ability do you have, I guess you can't say it, maybe the only thing that can prove the ability is the academic qualifications and academic achievements. So when you don't have a high diploma, why don't you consider buying a degree for yourself online?