Myths and Misconceptions
All students know how important it is to uphold the principles of academic honesty. You give credit to the authors whose ideas and thoughts you use in your essays, check your writing for possible plagiarism, and never present someone else’s work as your own. But what about ordering academic papers from online writing services? Is buying custom essays and then offering them as your own acceptable?

Why Do They Use Custom Writing Services? 

Of course, lots of educators will tell you that what most writing companies do is illegal, not to say immoral. According to opponents of custom writing services, all papers created by professional essay writers are tantamount to plagiarized works and thus cannot be accepted by college instructors. Still, some people consider essay writing services decent alternatives to tutors and continue relying on them for academic help and high-quality papers. The truth is for most students to order a custom essay is the only chance to pass an exam or even get through college without violating academic integrity.

If you’re still hesitant whether or not custom writing services are worth your attention, go on reading our article. You’re going to learn how common myths about custom writing essays may prevent you from taking advantage of professional academic help and becoming a more successful learner.

#1 All Custom Essays are Poorly Written 

One of the commonly held misconceptions is that all custom essays are created by non-native speakers and therefore contain multiple grammatical, punctuation, and syntactic errors. The reason behind such an opinion is simple: nowadays, the Internet is teeming with various pseudo-academic websites that promise to deliver any type of paper within a short space of time. Very often, such unreliable services hire ESL writers that can barely produce a grammatically correct sentence, much less write a strong college paper. Luckily for us, there are time-tested online writing services that cooperate only with top specialists holding a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or even doctoral degree. Such writers can help you with virtually any paper of any complexity level. When ordering a paper from reputable services, you can be sure that you’ll get an original, immaculately written paper that will impress even the pickiest instructor. So, if you want to get a strong paper, be sure to steer clear of dubious essay writing services whose reputation cannot be verified. Instead, opt for trustworthy, reliable, and responsible companies whose achievements and reputation speak for themselves.

#2 Students Never Benefit Intellectually from Custom Essays 

Those talking you out of buying essays often note that you’ll never be able to acquire new knowledge and develop essential skills if you entrust another writer with such a responsible task as writing your assignment. It’s common knowledge that students develop their critical thinking, problem solving, investigation, and communication skills when researching their essay topics. Moreover, through writing learners express themselves, show their creativity, share their feelings, and convey important messages to the wider audience. So, the question is: Will ordering an essay from a custom writing company deprive you of the opportunity to grow professionally and intellectually? We seriously doubt that. To tell you the truth, students don’t normally ask professional writers to write all the essays assigned to them. Oftentimes, they contact essay services as a last resort. Unable to cope with a difficult assignment on their own, students choose to rely on professionals. So, the chances are quite slim that the one-off purchase of an essay will lead to your intellectual degradation and failure to develop essential writing skills.

#3 Only Low Performing Students Order Custom Essays 

A common misconception is that only low performing students order custom essays. In fact, lots of academically successful students take advantage of custom writing services and don’t consider it shameful. As we have noted, many students venture to contact writing services only when they have no other choice. There are situations, where students are pressed for time and merely cannot put together a worthy essay.

Those students who lack knowledge or expertise necessary to write this or that paper also frequent essay writing websites. Still, official custom writing services in no way encourage you to put up with your ignorance. Therefore, professional writers often provide their customers with detailed explanation of what has been written and why in order for them to get a grasp of the main points discussed in their paper. Thus, by ordering a paper from a professional service, you gain a chance to save yourself from failing a class and learn from the essay written by a knowledgeable person.