Have you ever heard of smoking weed with an apple? Or if yes, then do you want to smoke apples?
Then, let’s start it.

What is an apple pipe?

There are several ways in which you can choose to use as a tube, whether it is fruit or vegetable. However, Apple is the best and most natural solution to use as a pipe when you forget your bowl.

How to build an apple pipe? There are five ways you can use to change an apple into a line:

1. Gather all the necessary Equipment:

Before making an apple pipe, you must get all the things together first; for example, apple, Marijuana, lighter, and knife.

Moreover, I have gathered a few fantastic tips which will help you to smoke weed with an apple pipe in the best way:

Get a fresh apple, so when you make holes into it, it does not smash.
Use a ball pen with a tip; it will help you to make a perfect hole. Remember to spill the ink out the ink and then screw the information on the apple.
Do not make holes with a pencil because it can break inside the spot and ruin your apple pipe.

2. Cut the apple stem:

 Take a knife to cut the stem, and remove the whole branch. In case, its breakdowns then dig a finger into it and remove it from the base.

3. Make a hole on the top of the apple: 

After cutting the stem, put a tip over the hole and lock it at a slight angle. Then, put force on a nip in a twisting motion until it crosses halfway.

Pro Tip: Despite using a pen with a nip, you can use a cell without a nip. An open cell will smoothly make a hole into an apple. After a hole is made, throw an apple piece.

4. Make a second hole on the bottom of an apple:

Make a second hole at a half-inch distance from the second hole. Now, put the and stab a hole in the first hole.

5. Develop the carb: 

Make one more hole by inserting a with another half-inch distance. Push the pen into the apple until the chamber system you have built meets the third hole. This new hole will play a carb role, so set a position where you can hold it perfectly with your fingers.

6. Develop a bowl: 

Using a pen, cut the apple from the top to make a hollow shape in the same place where you made the first hole. Make a large hole to keep the smoking waste in it.

7. Start smoking apple pipe:

 Now you are all set to go; fill the Marijuana, and pack your bowl from the part where you removed the stem. Then, use it as a conventional pipe.

Also, please check out the link below to follow these steps if you are confused. You can use some flavours to have great pleasure while smoking pipes.

Here are some recommendations to make a fantastic apple pipe experience for you:

Apple Kush and Apple Jack are traditional flavours of apples,
Caramelicious and cream caramel are the flavours for the caramel taste.
Vanilla Kush is a flavour to create a vanilla taste in your apple pie. You can rapidly make any smoking device by choosing any fruit or vegetable.

Lastly, if you want to know the best ways of smoking marijuana, then you must check out these videos. It will give you some incredible tips for smoking an apple pipe to make your experience worthwhile.