Winter comes with cold nights to make you snuggle up indoors during the holiday season with loved ones. When outdoors, you always look forward to getting home and set the thermostat for some warm air to flow through your veins. Discovering that your furnace is faulty is the last thing to think about in this scenario. You have to be wary of the various noises coming from your furnace. Read on to discover some of these noises and possible causes.


This usually results from gaps in the ductwork. You have to call a professional technician to come and diagnose the issue. This allows tracing back the issue to the connection point between the furnace and ducts. The whistling results from the ducts being too small for amount of air passing through them. A professional and experienced technician will fix the issue to ensure that your furnace works efficiently.

Another reason that might cause whistling from the furnace is clogged filters. If this is the first time to hear the whistling from your furnace, remove the filter. Perhaps there is dust and dirt clogging the filter and needs cleaning or replacement in severe situations. Turn on the furnace again with a new filter and listen for more whistling. The issue is obviously fixed. Avoid DIY for issues regarding a furnace. The rule of thumb is to call a professional HVAC technician to handle the issue.


Changes in pressure for the return and supply ducts make ductwork to flex. This is oil canning and makes the weak spot to require reinforcement. Older ducts usually make odd ping or pop sound. However, be worried when you hear continuous banging resulting from oil canning. Fortunately, affordable heating repair in Sacramento CA is just a call away to fix the issue. This makes alleviating the issue easier after pinpointing the cause of the issue.
The banging noise from a furnace also results from delayed ignition inside the unit. It results from dirt burners. Instead of lighting instantly, gas builds up creating a bang after finally lighting. Avoiding this requires routine maintenance by a professional HVAC technician. This involves cleaning the furnace to fix any issues with your unit.


When you hear rattling from your furnace, it might be resulting from a loose screw. This can be an easy fix or sign of a severe problem. a loose screw requires tightening to lessen the noise. The first thing to do is to turn off the furnace and tightening the screw on the sides of the unit carefully. When not sure about how to do this, call a HVAC technician for a routine maintenance check. This allows detecting any issues and fixing them including tightening the screws to eliminate the rattling.

Another cause of rattling from the furnace is a crack in the heat exchanger. This results from heat buildup in the heat exchanger because of poor airflow. These cracks encourage carbon monoxide leaks to set off the alarm. When this happens, everyone should get out of the house immediately to avoid severe consequences from the exposure. Ensure to call a technician when you hear rattling sound from your furnace to investigate and apply the necessary repairs.


This usually results from a loose blower wheel. It allows air circulation but can get loose leading to bumping up against the blower shelf. When you hear a screeching sound from the furnace, call a technician immediately. Using a furnace with a loose blower wheel encourages severe damage to the fan and wheel. You are likely to end up with costlier repairs.

The blower pushes warm air through the ducts into your home and requires lubrication to work properly. A poorly oiled blower motor encourages problems for the whole unit. Turn off the furnace after hearing the screeching sound and call a technician immediately.


This noise from a furnace comes from the internal mechanism of the system. The bearings in the furnace wear out over time increasing friction leading to the grinding sound. Never hesitate to call a professional HVAC technician on hearing your furnace make this noise. Neglecting this problem worsens the problem and your furnace might eventually breakdown.

Keep this in mind

Weird noise from the furnace is distressing and distracting. It is a red flag of bigger issues with your furnace. Never hesitate to call a professional HVAC technician to come and inspect your unit to identify the problem. This allows for handling appropriate repairs and replacements. Afterward, you will have peace of mind that the furnace works safely and efficiently without making any weird noise.


It is always a proactive solution to contact a professional HVAC technician whenever you hear any of these noises from your furnace. Avoid attempting DIY techniques off the internet. Always call a technician to come and diagnose the issue to allow fixing issues or getting appropriate replacements.