Acidification of the Body and the Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

lkaline Diet

Pizza, Burger, Steak, French fries. Yummy! Right? Yes. But you don’t know what these foods are doing to your body. They are pushing you to various severe chronic diseases. And the chronic diseases might cause a pH imbalance within your body.

What is the pH Balance?

The measurement of the pH scale helps you to determine how alkaline or how acidic your body is. The scale is based on 0 to 14 and if the level remains low, it means it’s acidic and when it’s high, it means it’s alkaline. And, the neutral position of this scale is 7.

Around 7 is the recommended blood pH level for everyone as it is balanced as water. When the imbalance takes place in blood, the blood inside your body becomes inevitable to deliver oxygen throughout the body and thus you fall victim to various severe diseases. Besides, there are many products in the market that help you with the pH level. Click here to find them out.

The Alkaline Body

The pH level varies from foods to foods. Foods such as quinoa, avocado, cucumber, etc. are known as alkaline foods as they produce alkaline properties in our bodies. On the other hand, dairy products, and meat are known as acidic food which are the main reason for the difficulties in our bodily functions.

When the pH level is 3.5 or below, it means that you have a very acidic stomach. As the Western people’s diet is filled with foods that represent acidity, it’s clear that they are having a heavy acidic burden in their bodies.

How Alkaline Foods Remove Acidity from the Body?

Everybody says alkaline diet is a great one, but how? Well, this is because the alkaline diet helps us with the inflammation to a greater extent. Inflammation takes place because of the acidic foods and our body becomes unable to take care of tissues and cells at that period. Moreover, the alkaline diet will enhance your growth hormones, promote muscle growth, improve bone health, etc. These foods are the king when it comes to detoxifying the body. You don’t have the acidic pH within your body once you start relying upon alkaline diet. Though you can’t cut off the acidic foods from your diet totally, you have to make sure that 80% of foods are alkaline and 20% of foods are acidic in your daily eating regimen.

Benefits of Alkaline Diet

  • Cancer: High vegetable intakes help you to have fewer effects of cancer in your body. As the alkaline diet is full of fruits and vegetables, it’s beneficial for you.
  • Digestive Problems: Your digestive health depends on your diet. Too many intakes of animal protein might be the cause of your digestive illness. That’s where an alkaline diet comes in handy.
  • Immune Strength: Alkaline diet is full of antioxidants. As you know, the antioxidant is the king when it comes to enhancing the immune system.
  • Inflammation: If you take fruits and vegetables and fewer dairy products, you are safe from the inflammation. It’s true and the alkaline diet tends to benefit you with this as well.

An alkalized body will make sure that you have a better metabolism, immune system and an entire sense of well-being. Acidic foods looks delicious but only the delicious foods have the dirtiest demerits. Thus, you should rely upon the alkaline diet while keeping less amount of acidic foods in your diet.