Getting your phone number noticed in the digital age can be difficult. And with so many different ways to communicate online, customers must be led to your phone number and have easy access. Because effective digital advertising relies on efficiency, your business number may not achieve your desired visibility. This can lead to:

     More savvy competitors taking your business
     A loss of profits
     And a general sense of invisibility in the marketplace

Your Business Needs a Digital Strategy

In this article, we will cover a number of strategies to advertise your business number, including:

     Being just a Click Away
     Using Social Media Extensively
     Developing an App
     Email Campaigns
     Going Global with Virtual Phone Numbers

Let’s begin!

Strategy #1: Be Only a Click Away

In our mobile-first future, it’s imperative to make the process of initializing a call to your business as easy as possible. Luckily, many providers of virtual phone numbers offer business number services such as “CallMe Click” (or other such variants). Therefore, by using this service, potential customers can dial your phone number simply by clicking a link on an audio-equipped device. Likewise, by displaying your phone number with this service, you advertise your business phone number effectively.

Strategy #2: Use Social Media Extensively

When it comes to immediacy, there’s nothing like social media. Considering the vast number of people around the world that use social media, advertising your phone number on these platforms is key. You’ll want to use a multi-platform approach to reach users of different demographics (i.e. Facebook vs. Twitter). Also, thanks to modern algorithms, you’ll want to post regularly to remain in the public eye and not get lost in the masses.

Bear in mind, however, that you can list your phone number on various posts/media - that’s a no-brainer. However, you also have the opportunity to fill in your contact details on profile pages, providing a way for curious customers to reach your business. This results in a great usage of social media.

Strategy #3: Develop an App

What would our world be without apps? Because nearly every smartphone user has a multitude of apps, adding a company-specific one is a smart idea. Best of all, you can incorporate direct lines of phone communication into the app, bridging the “digital divide” and resolving issues easily.

Strategy #4: Email Campaigns

How many times do you check your email accounts daily? No need to answer - that’s a rhetorical question. The truth of the matter is that nearly everyone has an email address, making it a logical choice to advertise your business number.

Similarly, push notifications for email that arrive on mobile devices function as direct advertising, making customers aware that you have an immediate way to be contacted. Consequently, because of push notifications, this goes a step beyond just replying with an email message, which seems to most as an indirect form of communication. Most importantly, when displaying your business number, you increase the likelihood of being called by those who receive your emails.

Strategy #5: Go Global with Virtual Business Phone Numbers

Also, don’t forget about broadening your advertising efforts beyond where your company is headquartered. As mentioned before, a virtual phone number can offer a wide range of versatility to advertise your business number. Considering you can get a virtual phone number in nearly any country, your advertising can reach markets previously unattainable.

Above all, the previous digital strategies are effective ways to advertise your business number. Of course, be sure to experiment with a variety of methods, as the digital landscape is destined to change in the near future.