Designer Clothes

In today’s fashion world, it is easy to pick up any amazing piece of fashion as cheap as you could ever dream. Whether it is pieces to wear to the office or an outfit for a night out, you will be able to find it online for a low price. However, you could look to the other end of the spectrum and consider designer clothes. Are these a worthy investment? Let’s take a look at why this might be.


One of the best things about designer clothes is that they are usually made to the highest of standards. Fast fashion tends to outsource their clothing production to cheaper places of manufacture like factories in Asia. Though they are then having to ship the clothes around the world, it often works out cheaper for them as labour and materials will be a fraction of what they are in the brand’s home country.

This is not the case with designer brands. Many of the famous fashion houses manufacture close to their head offices; sometimes even still in the workshops where the brand was born. These clothes are hand-made by expert tailors and the quality will always be undeniably above anything from a fast-fashion brand.

Value for Money

It might seem odd to claim that designer clothes are better value for money than something cheaper. However, because designer clothes and accessories are much better quality than their cheaper counterparts, they will actually last for longer. Therefore, you might get a much better average cost-per-wear out of them as you will get to hold onto them for much longer.

For example, buying a pair of the latest designer sneakers might be more of an investment than picking up a pair of cheap, unbranded ones. You will be motivated to include them in many more outfits. Even Givenchy sneakers or shoes from some other high-end brand might result in you being able to put together more outfits involving the sneakers than you would normally wear; thus getting more use out of the sneakers and making it a more cost-effective investment overall.


When investing in designer clothes, you are paying for a certain level of prestige. While more affordable brands might also have the same length of history as designer brands, they are often nowhere near as prestigious.

Quite often, the people behind the brands are as important as the clothes themselves. Fashion history is filled with important figures from Gianni Versace to Coco Chanel and when you buy clothes from these brands you are also claiming a small piece of history and prestige.

Designer clothes can seem like a lot of money and they should definitely only be bought if you have the disposable income to accommodate them. However, they can also be much better than some other options out there. One designer dress is always going to be a much better piece than the equivalent from fast fashion. If you care about getting your hands on good quality pieces with a rich history to them, consider investing in designer fashion today.