Travelling in an RV is a great way to enjoy your vacation. Apart from being super fun, taking an RV road trip also has a lot of advantages. Above all, an RV trip is very affordable. It allows you to save money on accommodation, and you can also prepare your meals in the RV. If you are the type of person who dreams of living in an RV, you should check

But, if you are travelling in RV, you will need to learn to enjoy the trip as much as the destination, because most of your vacation will be spent on the road. You should plan some fun activities to keep yourself occupied on the way because the long drives can sometimes get annoying, but if you have the right people with you, and you plan some fun activities, the road will be much more memorable than the actual destination. Another wonderful place to visit is Hallenberg in Germany.

Here are some fun activities that you should do on the road when travelling in RV.

Play some fun games:

some fun games

A great way to enjoy your time while taking an RV road trip is to play some road games. There is a vast range of exciting and fun games that you can try out. You could take some puzzles or a deck of cards but playing such games can sometimes cause motion sickness.

Playing games on your phone or watching a movie can also have the same effect sometimes, so, you should look for some games that are specifically created for the road. Here are some ideas for road games.

The alphabet game: This is an easy and educating game for young kids. The objective of the game is to find objects outside the car whose names start with the alphabet in sequence. For example, you will begin with A and the first person to reach Z wins the game. Once a player has said a word, other players can't use it.

Car colour: This is a very simple game, in which the players have to tell what the colour of the next approaching car will be. If they are right, they get the point, and if they are wrong, they don't. The first one to reach a certain amount of points wins you can also play the same game to guess the type of car you will see next in the upcoming traffic. 

Listen to some music:

One of the best ways to have a lot of fun on the road is to listen to some music. Some good music will make the long roads pass easily, but you need to consider that everyone on the trip will not have the same taste in music. So, make sure that you make your playlist accordingly and include everyone's choice in it.

Another very effective way to kill boredom is to listen to an audiobook. You can choose a fun book for the kids, or if you are travelling with your friends, you can listen to a podcast, in which you and your friends are interested.

A typical scenario that happens on long trips is that everyone starts to listen to their music using earphones. If you want the trip to be enjoyable, you should listen to music on the main speakers of the RV so that everyone can have a fun time together. 

Stop at different tourist spots along the way:

When you are travelling on the road, you will pass by a lot of amazing and fun tourist destinations. Apart from your main destination, you should also check out some smaller tourist attractions along the way. This will keep your trip super exciting, and you will also be able to get a break from the constant driving every once in a while.

There are a lot of incredible routes like the pacific coast highway which have a lot of fantastic tourist spots on the way to check out. 

Enjoy the scenery:

Enjoy the scenery
When you are planning your RV road trip, make sure to choose the right route. Instead of staying on the long and dull highways all the time, choose a more scenic route, so that you can enjoy nature.

Here is a list of some of the best routes around the world for a great RV or campervan trip.
  • Route 66, USA
  • Pacific coast highway, USA
  • Great ocean road, Australia
  • The ring road, Iceland
  • North coast 500, Scotland
  • West coast and Milford Sound, New Zealand
  • Verdon Gorge circuit, France
  • Romantische Strasse, Germany

Therefore, plan an RV road trip on these exciting routes around the world if you want to enjoy some of the best scenery

Be productive:

Be productive
If you are taking a long road trip in an RV, you will surely have a lot of free time, especially if you aren't driving. You should use this time to be productive. One of the best ways to pass your time in the RV is to take an online course. You should consider taking a TEFL course because it will allow you to apply for foreign jobs and expand your travelling experience once you have completed it.

You may be wondering how much do TEFL certifications cost? well it does depend on the institute or website you are taking the course from, but overall you should be ready to pay at least $200, in some cases it can even cost up to $500, but you will easily find cheaper options 

Check out the local foods of the cities you travel through:

local foods of the cities you travel through

Enjoying the local foods and cuisine of the areas you pass through is a significant part of travelling. I would say that you can't consider your travels to be complete unless you check out the food of the areas you pass through.

I mean you could pass through Philadelphia without trying a Philly cheesesteak, or Chicago without checking out an authentic deep-dish pizza.

Apart from stopping from time to time to check out the foods of different areas, you should also always keep some delicious snacks in the car. Snacks are an essential part of a long road trip, and with the kitchen, you have in an RV, you can make some delicious and healthy snacks on the go.

Hence, there were some fun things that you should do when you are on an RV road trip. I hope you find this post helpful and have a fun and safe trip.

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