Lesser Known Hobbies

Hobbies are our interests, activities that we tend to do during our leisure time. We all have unique hobbies, and it tends to vary from person to person depending upon their own character and taste like sometimes we may either love to travel around the world, or it may even end up sitting at home, watching birds.

But we need to ask our self that “how many hours do we spend time on Email, Facebook, Whatsapp, Chatting, and other worthless stuff?”

“Do we really have some hobby?” There are many more benefits while engaging in a real-world hobby.

They are a true passion that gets reflected from one’s mind that may lead to achievements and satisfaction from all walks of life. These hobbies will give you both physical and mental fitness and can be the best source for relaxation.

People do have some unusual hobby when they get bored, and there is no other better way, where they could spend time indulging in a hobby that they love.

Of course, all of us are unique and different from each other. Therefore, our interests and hobbies differ. But once if you find a hobby that you enjoy genuinely and are passionate about it, then you will be hooked with it. Then it becomes part of our daily lives, and it attracts us in a very different way.

An enjoyable hobby is definitely entertaining, fun filling, and will enhance your life. Some hobbies give you money, some keep you in shape, and some make you sharp while the other makes you creative.

Here are some interesting hobbies that are known to be lesser known hobbies of the time, as they get faded away over time or never heard of it before. Have you ever tried out these hobbies?


It is the art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush. It is one of the cheap hobby where age doesn’t matter and can be learned at any time. It is an art that requires skill, time, and effort, which cannot be achieved even using a computer-generated one. 

When you write the letter artistically, it not only grabs the attention of readers but also adds deeper meaning, just like the sculpture or painting.


From the list of cool hobbies that we can think, what actually comes to one’s mind is Rock climbing, Hiking, Camping, and much more.

And when you feel that you want to explore the world or achieve something bigger in life, Slacklining is one of the fun hobbies which is more like a “Rope walking,” practiced by people either as a hobby or as an adventurous sport.

Though it is hazardous, it can test your mental strength, balance across the ropes, and the ability to overcome your fears. Here you need to provide high-quality focus, commitment, and connect with your surroundings.

It is a great way to enjoy your downtime with your friends and family. It can be best described as “Graceful form of moving meditation,” where some people reach greater heights by making Guinness world record, and you can do it too.


It is a real-world; treasure hunting game where we require to have any GPS enabled devices to find the treasure, in which caches (Objects) are kept hidden by our fellow participants of the game.

It is an outdoor recreational activity, where we can find the joy of communication, feels a sense of mystery and adventure in finding the hidden items that use modern technology.

This will be one of the exciting, unusual, fun-filling hobbies for men who love to travel and explore new things


Do we ever come across the word “TERRARIUM”? It can be explicitly defined as the collection of plants and other objects which can be kept in a single container. This was a hobby in the olden days and got faded away after a while.

But now it is emerging slowly, where it has grabbed the attention of many people due to availability of internet, which can be customized in so many different ways according to our taste and we will just need few things to make up this simple terrarium like a glass container, plants, stones, soil, cactus, and many more things related to plants.

This hobby is not only an excellent way of keeping yourself happy but also contributes to mental balance and self-control. It also encourages creativity and disconnects us from stress, depression.

These are some hobbies for women that provide relief from their day to day household chores and bring out the real “YOU.“ This can be described as the best indoor hobby, which is really a cool one.


A live-action role-playing game, also known as LARPing, where the participants are called “Larpers,” portrays the characters physically in the real world by taking an individual role. It is played by a group of people in which players get dressed up in costumes, according to the character they have made, and get inhabited to an imagined world.

It is a hobby for both men and women where they spend time on weekends, which seems to be a cool hobby as well. Here we learn to observe people with different behavior and our reflex course of action to them. This is one of the unique hobbies followed in some parts of the world where we either express yourself or put yourself in someone else's shoes.

Also, it’s an excellent way to initiate public speaking skill along with leadership skill and resource management


It’s no wonder that all of us would love to have a hobby of our own, which keeps ourselves engaged, regardless of the work we have.

Hobbies have many benefits that can add fun to our lives and make us connected to the world and environment.

It’s time to join a hobby class near you and discover the joy of learning in life!