As one of the most famous tourist destinations of Vietnam, Halong Bay will never disappoint tourists when spending their holiday there.

If you are about to visit this stunning destination but do not know what to do yet, do not miss out our post below.

There are tons of interesting things to do for you no matter when you go. 

What to do in summer?

Thanks to the clear division of weather, at any time Halong is in the top destinations in Vietnam to tourists all over the world. For Vietnamese travelers, in summer, the best time to Halong is from April to October every year. This time has the highest temperature in the year - about 30 degrees Celsius with high humidity.

As a result, many indigenous visitors seek to escape the heat during this time on the East sea in general and the sea of Halong Bay in particular. Specifically, March to May and August to October are the best ones and they should not be here in June and July.

According to the nature of the weather, June and July are the months when there are a lot of storms in the Gulf of Tonkin and Halong, so be careful when traveling in Halong Bay in this period. If for some reason, visitors have to travel to Halong Bay in June - July, they should hire tour operators to organize your tour.

Spend time on sandy beaches

In Halong Bay and Cat Ba island, tourists can immerse themselves in the most beautiful green beaches like Bai Chay, Tuan Chau, Quan Lan, and Minh Chau, etc. Bai Chay beach is windy all year round with an annual average temperature of over 20 degrees Celsius, so it is very suitable for swimming on summer days.

Tuan Chau is one of the most beautiful islands in Halong Bay where has the largest artificial beach in Vietnam. Also, Tra Co beach with white sand is an ideal place to have fun and participate in exciting water sports.

Explore mysterious caves

Halong is unique in the world by the featured population of stalactites and stalagmites in various shapes and sizes hidden in many rocky mountains among the Bay. The best-known caves in the areas are Thien Cung cave (Heaven cave), Sung Sot cave (Surprise cave), Dau Go cave (Wooden Head cave), Bright cave, and Dark cave. In addition to the beauty inside these caves, the scene along the steps to the entrance of them are also attractive with majestic nature and stunning view of the bay from above, especially Dau Go cave.

Take part in water sports

Halong is not as dynamic as Nha Trang beach, but the bay still offer tourists with several interesting water sports in summer such as diving to see the coral reefs, climbing to the high cliffs, playing volleyball, or kayaking, etc. With characteristics of soft white sand, clear green water, high rocky mountains on water, and quiet sea, Halong Bay is definitely an ideal place for those who like playing water sports and other activities in summer.

Interesting things to do in winter

In contrast with summer, Halong weather in winter from September to January is very comfortable with cool, fresh sea breeze and slight sunshine. Dynamic scenery is taken place by a more elegant appearance, which is perfect for a relaxation. This best time to Halong also coincides with time for vacation of foreigners, so there is always a huge number of travelers in winter, of which most are foreign visitors.

Take tours with luxury cruises

For relaxation in a sea space, Halong luxury cruises are the most wonderful experience for travelers. Not only can they admire the panoramic view of the beautiful bay, but they also can enjoy the most convenient and modern services such as luxury cabins, restaurant and bar, sundeck with lounge, spa and massage, Western, Eastern food, and seafood, etc and full of interesting itineraries.

In Halong Bay, La Pinta, Mon Cheri, Au Co, Jasmine, or Starlight Cruise are the best cruises in Halong Bay that visitors should not miss to have the unforgettable memory.

Laze yourself on quiet beaches

Besides many famous beaches we have mentioned, in Halong in winter, tourists can look for many quiet beaches like Titop beach on Titop island, Three Peaches, and Monkey Island beach, etc. These beaches lie near islands or rocks, so that they are extremely quiet and clear, suitable for swimming and enjoying the cool water. Sand here is also very white and soft with pristine scenery.

Experience kayaking

Kayaking is a popular and interesting activity in Halong Bay. At any best time to Halong, travelers can join this sport in many beaches of islands, through many caves like Luon cave, and several fishing villages in the bay such as Cua Van, Van Gia, Cua Dam, or Vung Vieng village. This is not only an entertaining activity but also a chance for travelers to explore nature and experience the life of people living in the water area.

No matter at what time, Halong is very attractive with its natural beauty and interesting activities that it offers to travelers. One can also mark the locations where they want to visit on a scratch-off map. If you like this place, don’t hesitate to like and share with others. Thank you.